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Woodbury common

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I'll be stopping by Woodbury Common in two weeks or so. I've been to a few outlet malls before, but never one with really high-end outlets (although I have shopped at Off 5th and Last Call). Anyway, I was wondering which designer outlets are worth shopping at? Are there really significant discounts to be found at Diesel, Armani, and the like or will I mostly be finding old items at not-so-great prices? Please give me opinions on the boutiques with the best selection and prices. Thanks.
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I find that the Armani outlets are pretty good value. Items are two season old (e.g., you will get S/S 2002 right now) at between 40-60% off retail. That means that you can get an Emporio suit for about $350. Gucci and Space (Prada/Miu Miu) do not provide such good values. Good luck.
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Woodbury Common is the best outlet mall in America. That said, the prices there are only going to be better than regular dept. or boutique sales if there's been an additional markdown. Merchandise usually gets transferred in at the same price. However, there are several stores there you won't find anywhere alse (ETRO, Dunhill, Ghurka, Malo), plus a few others- Armani, Zegna, Abboud that can only be found at 2-3 other malls in the U.S. When I went I found the Off 5th and Last Call to be only so-so.Their website is for a list of stores. I went close to Xmas and found some pretty good deals. If I were you, I'd go over the 4th of July wknd. They're bound to have some promotional sales.
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i have to agree to some degree on the space outlet, however, they can have some incredible deals - i was recently at a space outlet in switzerland and was able to pick up helmut lang jeans for CHF94.00 with 30% off of that, so that's somewhere in the area of US$45.00, not so shabby, but the prada stuff itself was not any kind of deal at all
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On a related note, what is the Dolce & Gabbana store like? Do they have suits, dress shirts, jeans, etc. or is it mostly the fashion victim type stuff? I have never been to Woodbury Common either but I'm thinking of taking a trip later this summer...
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i can only vouch for other dolce stores (outlets) and say they usually have a very good variety of shoes, ties, dress shirts, casual shirts, d&g stuff, dolce basics line and suits, yes quite a few suits
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I was at the Premium Outlet mall in Orlando last week and they had good deals at the Zegna outlet. I saw an fine tobacco-colored deconstructed blazer, for example, for less than $500. They had suits at 50% off, dress shirts for $99. The Ferragamo outlet has good deals but it is very hit and miss. SF apparently treats its outlet as a true liquidation center, so they might only a certain pair of shoes but only in 11 1/2 E, or whatever. I found the Armani outlet very expensive. Sorry, if I'm going to spend $1,800 on a blazer (and that was on sale) it ain't going to be an Armani. The Burberry outlet had crap. But I wanted to move in to the Zegna outlet and I would have if they'd have had a cot and a hot plate.
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Stu- LOL. That was the experience I had at Zegna's outlet in Cabazon, CA about a year ago.
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Regarding the Orlando Premium Outlet, the Tod's outlet is great as well - I bought my ankle-high suede shoes there for $106. Probably the best buy of the trip excluding the coat I got at the Zegna store - at 70% off, I might add. They even had some NC shirts there but not many. The Bureberry store is good for sweaters - but not much else. It mostly seems to prey on japanese tourists to the extent of having japanese sales staff. If you have a day extra in Orlando (and if you like driving) then Sawgrass Mills is 3 1/2 hrs away. It's huge and has a Last Call and Off 5th among others. None of the really high end brands are represented there but every thing below that is covered. B
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