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J. Lucas custom in NYC?

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Has anyone used J. Lucas Clothiers in NYC for shirts or suits before? They seem to be a good value and I'm thinking about using them, but I would like to hear from someone who has gotten something made there before. There is little info on it when you google the name.

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bump. Surely someone must have heard of them. I'm thinking about getting my next suit made there, but I would prefer to hear from someone who has been there first.

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Sure! One of the best bespoke houses I've done
business with. I have done a fair amount of traveling for a few years
now and have tried quite a few bespoke tailors in London, the Caribbean
and the USA. I'm almost exclusive with J Lucas now with my last 4 suits
and 5 shirts being commissioned there. Excellent service, prices and delivery
and their fabric range is exceptional. I would strongly suggest that you try them
rather than spend money elsewhere in vain.. Good luck!
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I have had some shirts made when Harris Reiss was one of its salesmen. (He has staked-out on his own.)

The shirts were good value. Some were made in Hong Kong and some at one of the Gambert factories in New Jersey.

J. Lucas is a MTM outfit. It clothing is made by outside factories and workshops. It has an actual showroom on Madison and 35th Street. It also sells to customers in their homes and offices. It started-out in this manner.

I believe that Martin Greenfield , Adrien Jules, and Primo make its suits. I believe that the choice in vendors allows for the best customer fit and as well as a wide price range. The stable of vendors change from time to time.

It seems that its customers are mostly middle level management and professionals. The pricing is value oriented for middle management.

Here is a link to a story about founding of the company out of the Custom Shop's bankrutpcy. See
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Madison and 36th, lol i live around the corner from them. They used to have a price listing outside their shop where they had various ranges like MTM, then Hand made MTM topping out at "Bespoke" for around 3.5k. Their window display looks pretty good but i have no experience with them.
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