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Tall Man's Clothing.. A.k.a Nightmare ?

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Hi, I'm David, 16yo, 6'6", and slim. I hate skin tight jeans or anything close to it, and I like bootcut jeans, and untucked shirts, dress shirts too. However, even in the "school kid clothing" department no clothes fit me. Jeans are possible, but hard to find in my length, and quality doesnt have room to be judged, if I find 36", and they somewhat fit, arent too expensive, theyre bought. Problem is, now I need longer. Lucky jeans barely fit. I really need "room" for when i sit down they dont look like highwaters. Problem? Wheres some online sources for in style longg jeans *36" inseam 32" waist* for my body type? I've also heard some wierd term called raw jeans and low fit increases length etc, so is there any paticular brands that make lower inseams longer than they appear, which means anything that would fit, thats going under my radar. Not a athletic body, think nerd. =D I currently need sources for APC jeans Nudie what i mean by sources is APC, cant find retailers, nudies i dont know what type to buy, because the long ones look tight. Thats not in style here. Baggy not too much either, but we like it a little loose. (You shouldnt be able to see any male anatomy in the front and some sag in the back. Also, skinny leg jeans make me look too tall, and dont work with my shoes =D) ANYBODY GOT A CLUE? Also, dress shirts, tshirts, coats, etc have yet to be found long enough (not too worried about arm length, but they don't sag down far enough.) i.e. When i try on dress shirts the side of them curves up, showing my belt, which i think is too low, and you can see like 5" inches of skin when i lift my arms up. =( I desperatly need help here... Keep in mind im 16, and clothes have to look non-flashy =D thanks.
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A little searching would do you good... Denimbar carries both..Azalea..
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You don't really need to pay so much for jeans...just get big and tall Shrink to fit Levi's. Not only because you're sixteen but because you're mindset obviously isn't the "premium jeans" type.
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I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 6'6'', 21, and pretty slim as well. APCs are great for length. You can get the best price at denimbar (do a search on it). Either New Standard or Rescue cut will work and not be too skinny. I currently wear Rescues, but would have preferred NS's as the Rescue aren't tapered enough in the leg. If you want a baggy look go with APC Rescue. Dont bother with Nudies, especially since you're going to grow and probably dont want to shell out that much cash. Even APC might be overboard. You can get quality Levi's in a length (34 or 36 probably) that will work out fine.

As far as untucked dress shirts go, I've found H&M to have fairly long cuts while staying well-fitted in their XL size. If you have Zara near you check that out too.
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Originally Posted by theshonen8899
You don't really need to pay so much for jeans...just get big and tall Shrink to fit Levi's.
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If you like bootcuts, Sheplers also carries Levi's 517 in a 36 length. can go all out and grab some 21 cm Diors, 37" inseam and all, at eluxury for like 10 times the price; sure, it would be a little extravagant, but if you wear them hard and treat them right, you'll have the sweetest pair of jeans on campus by the time you hit college. Mmm...2 year Diors...
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