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Originally Posted by Texastyle View Post

I wanted to update you guys. I got a 2 all over and I'm still in shock, but honestly I do feel much better. I think a lot of my friends are going to think I look awful but I at least feel like I took some control over the situation. Thanks for your help!

Post a pic.
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I'll post one tomorrow when I can get my hands on a cord to upload from my phone. Don't get me wrong, I personally feel like I look like shit, but it is better than the alternative. The lady who cut my hair told me that it is going to take some time getting used to and I definitely think she is right but I know deep down that I made the right decision.
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Didn't you post a while back that you started balding? That was some fast progression.

For whatever reason, rogain just started to irritate my skin. I get red bumps where I use it. I even went from the 2%>5% solution. I can only use it 2 times a week at most before the irritation becomes too much.

I still take Propecia, but since I cant keep up with rogain as much as I would like, I want to go ahead and build a laser comb. There was a great tutorial video out there, but it's been expunged from the internet, and suddenly the only "build your own" options are monetized or seem sketchy. I also read more about the premade brushes/combs and such. They all use lasers much weaker than those used at clinics, or they use 1 single laser diode that is spread out to different dispersion points with cheap plastic optics. The only one that uses multiple diodes that is strong is the lasermax ultra, or premium, whatever the upgraded version is, but it's way too expensive.

I'm going to have to find out what kind of diodes to use, get tools, and figure out how to put this thing together. I never tinkered around with things as a kid or played around with electronics before, but it might be a fun project.

I'm also thinking about suffering the expense for Latisse, which has been shown to work for hair loss, but not FDA approved for it yet. It's expensive as hell, but so far it seems like the results are fairly permanent, unlike rogain. It wont grow new hair though, just make existing hair thicker, and existing hair that has grown thin is soon to be no hair at all. Time is of the essence! I can still be saved!
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Ya I posted a little while back about my hair starting to really thin. Over the last 2 years I have had a really small problem with my hair getting thin at times, but over the last three weeks it literally all fell out and turned into a bald spot. I wish I was more pro active and started with propecia ahead of time, but I'm holding out a little hope that I can try to correct it in the long term. I'm on rogaine and I get my prescription for propecia next week (finally got an appointment). Keep us updated on the laser comb.
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I have ginger hair so am not too concerned about losing it.  I actually think I'd look good bald, but look terrible with ginger fuzz.

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+1 to the just trim it short. You'll get over the feeling of inadequacy!
Keep trimming it regularly though. As was mentioned - think Statham. Make it your mantra. Statham Statham Statham
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facial hair might be good with a short cut.

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Originally Posted by Texastyle View Post

How short are we talking here? I'm guessing I could start with a number 5 clipper and work down until it starts looking weird. Thanks for the helpful comment.
Mike, I appreciate the humor. I wish I had the head shape for the bald look but I can't seem to imagine myself pulling it off.

You have a good head shape for a buzz cut, I bet you look much better now with the number 2 than in the pics above.
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Thanks, you are too kind. I have a bit of a goofy shaped head but I think the buzz cut makes the best out of a bad situation.

Here are some pictures that I finally got uploaded in case anyone is planning on taking the plunge. This is actually with a 3 on top, and I ended up going back and getting a 2 (but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures and I'm due for another haircut in the next few days). Sorry that these aren't really the best angles. I'll try and post some better ones after the next haircut if any of you guys want me to.

Here is a before



I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I have been told that I look a little more mature with the new haircut and I feel a lot more confident now than when I was constantly worried about my bald spot. I finally got on propecia and have been on minoxidil for 2 months now so I am hoping that I can eventually get that bald spot covered up with hair again.
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it looks good.
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Just wanted to give you guys a 2 month update. By the grace of God (or the mix of rogaine and proscar) my hair finally came back! It still isn't 100 percent but it is mostly filled in compared to 2 months ago, when I had a bald spot about the size of my palm. I hope that anyone else who is relatively young and going through the same thing will take the initiative to go to their doctor and talk about their options. I know not all cases are the same but I couldn't be happier with how its working so far.

Here is a current pic of the top of my head. The thinner looking area was completely bald 2 months ago.
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Did you experience any side affects from Propecia?
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Originally Posted by Pinhas View Post

Did you experience any side affects from Propecia?

Not any that I noticed. I've seen some of those lawsuit ads on TV talking about having trouble with ED, but I haven't had any problems at all. One thing going for me is that I'm a young guy in my early 20's so it might be different for guys who are a little older.
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great job man, glad to hear that stuff worked out for you
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You still keep enough hair. Don't miss this opportunity. Try it longer, combed to the back. Be proud of your forehead.
When things get worse (i.e. your forehead is no longer a forehead anymore but a skull), just shave your head to 2 mm.
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