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My CDBs have just about had it, Crepe is almost worn through and also coming away from the upper. They still look awesome though and they've lasted nearly 2 years. I might look into getting them resoled but really I would prefer the go for a pair of Beeswax Desert Troopers to replace them. More durable and equally good looking IMO just can't seem to find any available.


Anyway just ordered a pair of 8" Moc toe Thorogoods on Amazon so I'm sure they'll keep me happy for a while.

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I figure this is the best place to post this so here it goes

I have a pair of boots with crepe soles (the same crepe that clarks uses) with some pretty well worn heels as you can see in the pic

now, the whole sole itself doesn't need to be replaced, just the portion of the back heel but Im wondering if a local clobber (located in CA) would be able to fix this and if so, how would he go about doing it? Ive done a lot of research on the 'net and found many places that do crepe resoling but not many articles mentioning crepe sole repair.

Ive read one can buy blocks of crepe rubber and glue/melt pieces back on? Would a standard cobbler know how to do something like this?

Any thoughts/opinions/advice would be most helpful!
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These were a recent eBay buy.....Clarks original desert books. I gave them a quick polish and they came up really nice but the crepe soles are completely shot. Decided because the leather is nicely aged with a great patina I would take the hit and get them resoled professionally. My local Timpson's have a kiosk and said they would resole in crepe but they would have to order it in. Its going to cost me £60 which now makes me think I should have just bought a new pair but a new pair wouldn't have that great aged look. I guess if the leather upper doesn't fall apart I'll end up with a great pair of shoes but in retrospect if I knew the cost of resoling I would have just bought a new pair. Any way I pick up the shoes in a weeks time and i'll try and remember to post up the restored CDB's.

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A few pre resto shots, I collect the boots tomorrow.


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Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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Picked up today from Timpsons coblers kiosk. Those crepe soles are mighty springy. The boots do feel very comfy.




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What is your care routine?

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I keep it simple, I put a bit of light tan shoe polish with a cloth onto my shoes, let it dry and then go at them with a shoe brush.....that's it done. At night I place a pair of cheap wood trees I bought for £7.99 into shoes. Apparently they absorb moisture and stop the leather creasing or cracking.
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Anyone know if theres an online retailer that still has old stock of the Clarks DB x Horween in Burgundy? It's a longshot but well, I'm hopeful 

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Tough finding new old stock, perhaps another idea would be to locate some sand CDB's and buy some burgundy dye? Oh and welcome to the monster thread!
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Thanks for the welcome! Yup I've checked a couple of retailers and they are all oos haha. I guess I'll have to diy if all else fails!

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and now my second pair of CDB's, these are my informal weekend boots. Very comfy and relaxed with jeans and a denim shirt.


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think I'd like a pair of sand coloured ones next to complete my collection.

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Hey SF,

Looking to add vebram soles to my DBs like this

Where can I order the sole? I'm fine having my local cobbler handle the job.

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What's the general consensus with Clark's DB sizing? TTS? Half size down?
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Originally Posted by gaseousclay View Post

What's the general consensus with Clark's DB sizing? TTS? Half size down?

Half-size down.

For chuck-taylor reference they fit the same size as Chucks. Half a size smaller than jack purcells.
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