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Clarks desert boots look absolutely amazing with a PBJ xx-005. Much more than nudie RR, IMO. Not hip-hop in the least. Definately far from the Lugz look!
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Yeah, they're definitely not similar shoes. They may not be narrow Italian shoes, but I have no idea why some people think desert boots are chunky. Tims are chunky.
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Couple of Qs:

Can anyone tell me if they will stretch in width? I feel that they are pretty tight at the widest part of my feet.

Which colour is your favourite?
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They will stretch a bit. Hard to say if it'll be enough, but the leather does give somewhat. I really only like the brown.
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I read a zappos review that they do tend to stretch. Im normally a 10.5/11 in shoes, but I think I need to exchange my pair for a 10. The back of the shoe feels like its barely making any contact, these clarks are like CT-oversized.
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Yeah, definitely size down 1/2 size from your true size for these. The problem is the conversion from UK to US size. Clarks does the conversion as 1/2 size, where in reality it's more like 1 full size. For example, if you wear a 10US you should get a 9UK, but what Clarks calls a 10US is actually a 9.5UK. CT does the same thing.
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Yeah Im a 10 1/2 and I bought my desert boots in 10 1/2 and theyre a good half size too big after stretching. It sucks when I trip on my own toe in front of girls..

By the way, the brown leather looks awesome after time.
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Can they substitute for suede bucks?

I'm looking for something I can wear with chinos. I am still trying to decide whether to get bucks or desert boots.
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I'm going to buy a pair in black for work/dressup occasians as soon as I can scrap up the funds.
post #40 of 6996 was having a sale on them a week or two ago. ~$60, minus the $5 for overnight, so I got some for $55. They're incrediby comfortable for weekends and around the house, and I even wear them to work (fridays, that is), but I wouldn't use them for "dress up" occasions at all. They're a bit like Uggs for men, with their ultracasual unstructured last.
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does anyone have a picture of these worn with skinny jeans? pref apc new cures or similiar fits? thanks
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If you don't feel like paying an extra $15-20, these are nice. I haven't tried a pair of Clarks so I can't compare, but I'm really happy with the Cabelas.
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clarks definately have a unique fit that takes getting used to. size down atleast 1/2. but i do like them for being a very versatile shoe; they go well with my grey and plaid slacks. (Im not much of a denim person)

with acne mics:
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How comfortable are clarks compared to other shoes/sneakers?
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I probably wouldnt want to walk across a desert with these things on. They only secure your foot around where the laces are, thats all. Similar to the way sandals strap around your toes. Its not that uncomfortable, just much different then sneakers. Check zappos theres like a hundred reviews.
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