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Has anyone figured out for certain how the BR fit compares to the Clarks version?
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i'm not going to be home for 2.5 hours, i hope its still there when i get home i don't want to pay shipping now... ugh! and im at work can't access email
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post
Has anyone figured out for certain how the BR fit compares to the Clarks version?

Originally Posted by Lovegasoline View Post
Yes, both are pretty much the same size lengthwise and run big. I got both at home to try on. There are some subtle differences between the two boots. The Sahara boot is a little narrower in width (which fit my foot better) and the eyelets for the lacing start a little lower on the boot (closer to the toe) which contributes to a snugger fit. I generally wear a size 9 and I settled with a size 8 in the Sahara.
Other minor differences are the eyelets on the Sahara are plain while the Clarks have brass eyelets. The Sahara is slightly more 'fitted' and anatomy following at the heel/ankle in both fit and profile vs. a slightly more anti-fit with the Clarks. The Clarks has only two rows of eyelets vs the Sahara's three, and the Clarks also has a sharper 'corner' where the slope of the front meets the top...both of which IMHO give the Clark boot a slightly more designy edgy looking profile. The Sahara boot in Beeswax is also a shade darker in tone than the Clarks Beeswax, and the Clarks is a slightly warmer brown hue. I bought the Sahara based on one primary consideration, simply because it fit me better (although I liked the color tone and profile of the Clarks better and it is cheaper to boot [to shoe? working through a bad pun here]). I put an insole in it to take up some volume (I have a narrow foot). Frankly, if you are accustomed to ULTRA-KUSH sneakers and are on your feet allot (i.e. walking all over the city's cement vs. the Sahara's fine grain sand) they are not the most comfortable shoe, even with an added thin insole (then again, shitheaps of shoes, including Chucks seem to neglect 21st century innovations in foot comfort). They are attractive.

From post #171
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My Clarks came yesterday. Got the brown suede DBs this time, and I got them 1/2 size smaller. My usual size is 11. The 10.5 fit like a glove, a very comfortable glove. Perfect. I slipped some Dr. Scholls gel inserts into my grey DBs and now those are perfect, too. They definitely seem to run large.
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got those BR saharas... in a size 9... i am a 42 CP, 10 Vans, 9.5 allen edmonds, 10 dunks, etc etc

hope they fit
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Has anyone ever measured their true foot/shoe size? Where you draw an outline around your foot, and then actually measure with a ruler in inches?
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Thanks for the br link...I just ordered a pair in beeswax sz 11. I don't know why but I get everything overnighted so it was a little over 60 bucks. Still a great deal.
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I wear a size 9 in chucks, and I had to size up to a 9.5 in the saharas. They are pretty narrow.
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+1 on thanks for BR link and shipping offer. Wear a 9.5 in most everything, ordered a 9 in beeswax. $43 shipped.
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I generally wear a 9/9.5 narrow (in AE, etc), the narrower width on these sounds great. I'm just struggling with ordering a 8.5 or a 9.

Edit: Looks like availability made my decision. Just ordered an 8.5; if they don't fit I'll sell them.

Thanks for the sale link.
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i ordered a size down (10.5) from my normal shoe size(11.5) in the sahara boot and they were tiny. couldnet even get my foot in them.
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great these aren't going to fit !
WTS size 9 soon :[
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I ordered the same size I wear in chucks ie 9.5, hope mine fits, it arrives Tuesday.
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well i have tall arches. so it was difficult to get my foot in them. but once they are in it fits like a glove. so i guess they do fit after all. just gotta wear thin socks
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Thanks for th heads up guys, just copped a pair in black and will order the gray as well if these fit well. I wear around a 13d and ordered a 12 so I'm hoping it will fit.
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