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A custom-made clothing site...

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I thought I would post a link to a custom-made clothing site I recently came across. I find it to be the most professional looking site I have seen in this category to date (most seem to be very amateurish...though, it could just be my perfectionist graphic designer personality). They offer quite a large range of choices of the article of clothing, fabric/color, and styling. I ordered a "Two-Ply Superfine 100% Cotton"  Blue/White Thin Stripe Fabric with White Spread collar and rounded French Cuffs dress shirt yesterday. I will give an update as to the quality of the fabric and tailoring when I receive my shirt. Let me know if anyone else as ordered from this particular company. MyTailor.com
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I agree - their site looks great. I'd be very interested to hear how the shirts come out.
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I agree that the site looks good, but I have to admit that I'm a bit puzzled by the "Western Jackets" section. What's that about?
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My shirts arrived, and I must say, I am very pleased. I ordered one of the lower end 100% cotton fabrics (around 55 bucks a shirt) in two patterns, pink with a small blue windowpane and charcoal grey with white pinstripes. They are made exactly as I ordered them, with nice details, such as the patterns matching up where the sleeves meet the shoulders. The staff was very responsive, sending swatches of fabrics about which I inquired. Even though they were not exactly what I was looking for (Paul Smith style multi-colored stripes), the fabrics they sent were close, and beautiful cottons. The site and service are very professional, and they send their tailor around once a year to measure for suits, etc. Anyway, at that price, with that service, I'm not sure I'll buy a shirt off the rack again. I guess this is my one testimonial, eh?
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PeterMetro: I don't suppose you've had a chance to wear/launder them a few times, have you? If not, can you report back after washing them a few times? I've had shirts in the past that looked great initially, but didn't survive a few good washings. Oh, before anyone thinks I wash my shirts too hard here's my general procedure: - scrub collars & cuffs with detergent - dunk entire shirt in water - rinse in cold water - gently squeeze shirt out, or if I'm pressed for time, put through delicate spin cycle in washer - hang dry until just damp, then iron
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I agree that the site looks good, but I have to admit that I'm a bit puzzled by the "Western Jackets" section.  What's that about?
And the notch-lapel double-breasted suits. When was the last time anyone wore those designs? 1985? I guess someone must be buying them... Otherwise, another forum tells me the Hemrajani Brothers are quite reputable, and I must say, the site is very well designed... Nick.
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And the notch-lapel double-breasted suits.
Good lord.
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Wow - I'm gonna have to git me one of them Western suits - perfect to wear with my boots and cowboy hat here in Phoenix Bradford
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I rather like the western style jacket. They're not particularly suitable as businesswear, but I think that they make for a good look over jeans and a t-shirt for daywear, or for clubbing. A lot of the designers, most notably Prada, had a western-inspired cut jacket in their S/S 2002 collections.
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Has anyone here tried the Lands' End custom shirts? Scott
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