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Red Blazer?

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Long story short, an extracurricular organization I'm part of requires a red blazer as part of their competition "uniform". In an effort to shy away from looking like a cheaply dressed bellhop, I'd rather purchase my own blazer instead of buying their overpriced, shoddily made one.

I'm a shorter guy, and I usually fit into a 36s (if I can ever find one. Thankfully I have a half decent tailor.) Can anyone recommend a slimmer fitting red blazer, one that hopefully won't break the bank as there are only a handful of occasions I'd have to wear it each year. I've searched a bit and the only thing I can find would be this tacky looking thing that google found at sears. Yeah, no.

Thanks for any help fellas!


edit- not having been here in a while, I just realized there's a quick questions thread. Jump on me if you like, I apologize if this is the wrong place. I'd delete it, but uhh...I'm not exactly sure how.
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You might want to define "break the bank" someone like New and Lingwood could do something around the $750, A good entry level bespoke maker could work wonders for $1,200 and a savile row tailor would charge about $3,300.
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Tell us more about the extracurricular organization. Are there Santas? DRUNKEN SANTAS?
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I know Ralph Lauren makes one. It is probably around 1K. Again, please define your budget.
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I've seen them by Jos A Bank (I know, I know but you said you had a good tailor) and was somewhat tempted by a J Press cotton blazerI saw on their website on sale a few months ago but decided the desperate real estate agent look was not for me.

But if drunken santas are involved I'm in!
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post

Tell us more about the extracurricular organization. Are there Santas? DRUNKEN SANTAS?

Perhaps the OP works for Butlins holiday camps as a Redcoat.
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I would recommend buying their standard red blazer, instead of searching for your own. You will almost certainly never be able to match the color exactly, so you will stand out from the rest of the group. I don't know what your group activity actually consists of, but the whole point of a uniform is so that you all will look... uniform. Getting your own jacket defeats the purpose.
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