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Oxxford sportcoat question

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Thread Starter Ok, I wear a range of 46-50 in sportcoats depending on the maker. Where does Oxxford fall on the cut range... slim Italian or American sack? (I have to think it's the latter). I might take a chance on this one if it doesn't get too high, I was only concerned about it being too small... I can always get it taken in, but not the other way around. Opinions on if this is a good deal, assuming the reserve is not far from being met? I am stumped as to what I would wear with it other than shades of tan wool pants, though.
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BBB: Looks very interesting...Looks like we wear the same size and have the same fitting dilemmas, except I usually wear a long. IMO olive/green is often overlooked as far as how nice it looks and how many things it goes with, depending on one's complexion, hair and eye color. I'm not sure what your features are, but you could wear navy, black, gray, and even medium shades of brown slacks with it, in additon to the color you already mentioned. I think it'd be very versatile and an excellent buy....First rate for true business casual. If I didn't already have a Zegna I got REALLY cheap in the same colors I'd bid on it myself.
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Steve- I am 5'10", 230 lbs (though could stand to lose a few.) and IMO a Long is a bit too long for me in most makers. 32 1/2, 33" for the length seems about right for me. Everytime I go into a men's store though they throw me in a long. Heck the guy at a very nice men's store this week had me trying on 52Ls saying they were the best fit. He didn't seem to understand I'd be dropping some weight in the coming months and that buying that big a size would be pointless for me- although I do have broad shoulders so I won't drop in a jacket size too much. I've always been under the impression that a long for my size would equate to someone a few inches taller than me.
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Where does Oxxford fall on the cut range...slim Italian or American sack? (I have to think it's the latter).
In my limited experience with Oxxford, you're correct. Of course, that's for off-the-rack; the eBay item in question may have been custom-tailored to a narrower specification (although the listed measurements don't indicate that).
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oh and as far as complexion... I have a naturally medium tan even in the winter, and get a lot darker in the summer. Brown hair and eyes, so earth tones usually work for me.
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BBB: I'm between 6'1" and 6"2" hence the long. And I could lose 15-20 lbs too. Haven't weighed myself in a while, but I'd guess 235, maybe even 240 based on the fit of my clothes. IMO all of those colors of slacks would work for you...Depending on what shirt and tie, or shirt/knit color combination you chose... PS, as always, is correct on Oxxford's fit. I have one Oxxford suit I'm really fond of that fits that way (Got it when Bullock and Jones went out of business here in SF- a sad day).
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thanks for the replies guys. I may bid on it if it doesn't get too high, and I guess I can have it taken in a little or a lot depending on the fit. There's a gentleman's store here in Richmond called Franco's that has a great tailoring rep, I'd get them to do it I suppose.
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Ahh Franco's and Beecroft and Bull. You have excellent taste, sir.
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I am truly frightened as to how much Steve seems to know.
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I listen, and try to learn. Call me Sponge Bob Fancy Pants
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B&B and Franco's are both good stores with the typical upper end store drawback- horrible employees. I am amazed at how consistently annoying, b*tchy and stuck up they are. Honestly, in this day and age, it is beyond idiotic to treat unknown clientel differently. Plenty of people that come in there may not look like they can afford things in there, but could buy half the store. The few great salesmen in stores like that probably get great repeat business and word of mouth. Maybe I am being too picky, but in a perfect world I'd get high end clothing from a low end minded salesman.
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BBB: I'm really sorry to hear that. Both stores' employees were really nice to me, particularly Paul Thomas at Franco's. And Franco's starts with $500 suits...Maybe they treated me differently because I told them I'm writing a book. But from my prespective, as I'm not published yet, I'd think they'd have even less patience with me...
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