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Originally Posted by NormanF View Post

You'll find if this parka is good enough for Japan which is a cold country, you'll find its good here.
this is only partially correct: the northern part of japan has comparatively cold climate, whereas the southern part is rather hot.
plus, the japanese buy military-themed clothing for style and fashion purposes, regardless of the amounts of technical specs and info tidbits the sellers use to present the items. it's modern japanese business folklore.
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I'm trying to track one of these down these days, as a matter of fact. How do the Alpha Industries versions fit in the slim-fit kind? I'm generally a medium or a smallish large in things like J. Crew.

Also, what's the Alpha Industries quality like? I've heard from others not to expect much, that they used to be good when they were military contractors but that now the coats are thin and cheap looking.
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Originally Posted by pokpok View Post

Heres the one I bought last winter. I went with sz.L and im 5'8 with 42in chest, 32 in waist.

Only thing is the faux fur looks shitty. I'm gonna look into replacing with real fur.

The good thing about the N-3b is thata its an easy task to change the fur, I have the Alaskan Extreme cold weather N-3B which is waterproof because it has a much thicker and Tougher Shell.


A little while back I bought a Canada Goose Peace Keeper SNOW MANTRA, the is a Real Bear of A Coat.

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Any experience with sizing in the Speiwak versions? I'm usually a Medium in most outerwear from J. Crew.
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i am 6 3in tall 245 and my dad gave me a brandnew old n-3b snorkle parka made by skyline clothing company, there are several diffrent companys that manufactured these, i have seen two other manufacturers and i like the shade of green by skyline best but it could be cause this one has never had much use cause my dad had two, let face it how many below zero coats do you need, but its a medium and my huge ass actually can wear it im not real comfy, but i plan on havin some alterations done this coat is so warm you really dont wear a sweater sweat being the opti-word here , but its true about real wolfs fur on the hood, before the fur police go nutz, it has a purpose wolf fur and many others dont freeze in zero temps, but if you are really a husky med then go large ect. cause i wish to santa that i had a dad who was a tall phat ass like me i wish i had exxl 


innerlining 100% wool 

100% cotton backing

dry clean only


im sure it dosnt tell what outside is made of so those evil communist vietnamese wouldnt duplicate them for those cold nights in the jungle lol

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The short answer is yes. As an Air Force brat I got my first one of these from my dad in the mid 70's. Later in life I searched for and found a surplus one and bought it.  Lost that one in a move and have recently bought another one.  All mine have been genuine military issue so I cannot speak for other suppliers.  But this parka matched with issue arctic bib pants mean you can literally lay in Wyoming snow mid winter for hours at a time and until the gear gets wet you stay warm.  I hope that helps.  I think they are rated to -60 F.

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