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I´ve red the autopsy report on the Septième Largeur above - very interesting reading.
Markowski is sadly out of the race as their double monk offerings are either black only or only available on the stubby&blubby 195 last.
Septième Largeurs “Rennan” is a decent offering, esp as it comes in a danite sole version at no extra cost. Still, due to excessive shipping fees they´ll land at 300+ euros assuming separately bought shoe trees. Herring Shakespeare II is 240 euro for the same package (assuming you can combine the 10% discount and the free shoes-trees codes) .  
60 euros is not a deal-breaking difference, in itself (and it´s closer to 40 after I put rubber on the Herrings), but I´d like to to know what I´m getting for the price difference. 
 Regarding fit and suitability of lasts – I´ve been in touch with both makers with precise my measurements and a scanned outline drawing of my feet (a better method is probably use a flat-bed scanner, but the only ones available to me are at university, and I was hoping to avoid the embarrassment of having to explain why I´m standing on one leg with my polka-dot socked foot crammed into the scanner if somebody walks in during the process...). 
Anyways, both makers confirm the lasts suitability and Herring even offered a free return and exchange if I despite this find the last and shoe fit unsuitable to my feet.    
This close-up review had me gravitate towards to the Herrings in the first place. The deciding question remains – how well do they age, or more precisely, will they actually look better with age at this price point?
If not, holding out for Lowndes might be worth it after all.
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Pardon me, double post.

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Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

What about Meermin?


Really appriciate the tip. I like the front and the widely placed buckles. Need more pictures tough, esp. from above. Going to do my homeworkon the brand.

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1 more choice to ponder:


Good luck!


PS I have the Meermin Linea Maestro medallion toe double monks, & they're beautiful.

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Pics, this demand pics, ncdobson!
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Originally Posted by ncdobson View Post

1 more choice to ponder:

Good luck!

PS I have the Meermin Linea Maestro medallion toe double monks, & they're beautiful.

Maybe its the camera angle but the toes on the double monk are very a work boot.
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Originally Posted by Cuttingboard View Post

Maybe its the camera angle but the toes on the double monk are very a work boot.


The pix are more straightforward on the company's site:

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Originally Posted by ncdobson View Post

The pix are more straightforward on the companies site:

Thanks...the pics on the companies website are much better.
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Originally Posted by Gerry Nelson View Post

What about Meermin?




I´m back from reading the 30+ page thread on Meermin, and I must say that I´m totally sold. The design is a 10/10, the colour is spot-on, the Hiro last the double monk is made on seems as a much more realistic compromise between my narrow-heel-broad-at-toe-feet and my desire for aggressively sleek monks then what Herring/Loake offers. On top of it, price is 25% off. In fact, I´m seriously considering going with a second pair, which will end up at 320 as a second pair results in no extra shipping costs - that´s about what I´d be paying for one pair of Septième Largeurs. Will probably go for brown calf tassels, or second pair of double monks in black. Smashing value.  Awesome tip, I´ll take the liberty of mentioning your name to Pepe at Meermin when I send my order.
The fact that Meermin seem to be significantly less well known at the time then the above two brands (at least here in Sweden) should also means that I´m less likely to encounter my shoes on the feet of other penniless young punks around town, which is another plus for me. Then again, as they have a Tokyo store, I should be seeing plenty of them once I move on to Japan this fall...
While straying heavily off topic, to provide perspective, this is my limited shoe wardrobe:
Decent shoes:
Campanile brogue derby in shell cordovan. My late granddad got me these for high-school graduation. Over 10 years old and not always treated with the respect they deserved. Beat up and with a heavy patina. Sits right on the fine border between “worn-in with character” and just plain worn out. Immense sentimental value tough.
Bruno Magli tassels. Comfortable loafers but even more beat-up then the above. Thread starting to stick out between uppers and sole at the toe. Uh-oh.
Junk shoes:
Timberland suede loafers. Comfy shoes to wear for taking out the trash or walking barefoot in during summer. Nothing more. Rubber sole.
Stafford (?) zip-up boot. Boot for winter wear. Decent comfort with a pair of wool socks.
Mystery shoes:
Pierre Cardin tan single monks. Thrifted for some lose change. God knows who/what made them. Leather soles wearing thin, pretty creased uppers, but still have some character. Expect they have maybe 6-12 months of irregular use left to live, at best.
Chestnut plain derby. Another god-knows-who-made-it-or-how. Probably glued. Found in new condition at the thrift store for 15 euro. Design was classic and I need something that could look acceptable with my navy suit. Only worn 2-3 times. Not expecting much of them, but uppers show very little creasing so far.
Grand total: 6 pairs. 
Plan is basically:
1. Order two pairs of Meermins, see how they wear.
2. If satisfactory, replace every second pair of the current wardrobe that falls apart with another pair of of Meermins. Possibly MTO if finance allows. Something else if I'm not happy with the brand.
3. End goal: 5 pairs: double-monks, tassels, oxford in brown to go with navy&cord suits and two pairs of something boot-ish suited for fall/winter.
Minimalist, affordable and hopefully acceptable. If I desperately need a pair of black oxfords (not likely to happen unless in the event of somebody unexpected death & subsequent funeral), I'll just go with these and wear them once a year: 
If the above setup can just last 3-4 years then I´ll have a different economic situation entirely and will treat myself to some Vass or whatever...
Sorry for the ranting/thinking aloud. Again, major thanks for the Meermin tip, really appreciated.
Now enough daydreaming and back to the books.
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You're very welcome. Good luck with it! Can you give the shell shoe a very good brushing (using the Mac Method)? You may be able to get it back to a decent condition. 

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On the topic of Meerin's, does anyone know the delivery time for Meerin shoes? I read from other users that the wait can be almost two months crazy.gif


I'm currently deciding on either these Meerin's double monk straps ( or Herring's Shakespeare II ( but may lean towards the Herring's if shipping is a lot faster. 

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For that new model delivery time is around 45 days, I've pre-ordered the dark brown version today and Luisa told me that.
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Thought I'd share (L to R): JLP William (buffalo calf AKA grain), EG Westminster (black calf), & AS Ramsey (whiskey shell)
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Beautiful comparisons. How's the AS whisky shell doing, texture-wise? My AS whisky gibsons dry out & get scaly pretty quickly.

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