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I truly think Paul Stuart is the best men's clothing store in America today. They have an enormous selection of everything, and that includes braces, over-the-calf socks, bowties, pocket squares, and everything else you thought had vanished. Beyond that, they still stock shirts in every sleeve length, and jackets and suits in more than just three lengths.
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^^^certainly one of the best places for pocket squares and socks anywhere
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Paul Stuart





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H&M: for I enjoy lining up and shivering in the cold all wintry night just so I can stampede through their doors when finally open and fight with fashionistas over cheaply made crap with a designer label.

LV: strutting down the street in apparel and accessories splattered with logos gives me unimaginable pleasure. Honorable mention: prancing around town with a Hermes shopping bag.

Hermes: it is an exhilarating awakening to be reminded that I have not yet arrived when their sales staff refuses to sell me a wallet. Rejection is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

JAB: ripped-at-the-crotch pants by JAB (along with ripped-at-the-seat Mabitex) provide a legitimate excuse to those of us with a latent desire to expose ourselves.
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Brooks Brothers, because it's very much the only USA menswear store I know about, and there are other US brands and stores that I do know of like Gap and RL.
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hands down

Bergdorf Goodman
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Nobody commented on Marios so I will. I live in Seattle so I frequent this store. Excellent shop if you like Italian styling. Pretty much everything is Italian (Cucinelli, Mantellassi, Isaia, Zegna etc...) Everything is RTW but they do have a MTM shirt program. Prices are high IMO but they do have frequent sales and often have trunk shows.

My other nominations for best store are: Paul Stuart (truly amazing store), Leffot for shoes, Sid Mashburn in Atlanta, Louis Boston (I'm surprised nobody mentioned this), Bergdorf's Men's store, Wilkes Bashford San Francisco.
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Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and BR are the first three stores I check out when I go to the mall. I only really check B&M stores during winter and summer clearance sales.
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Let me throw out one more that might get some criticism. Tom Ford on Madison Ave. Beautiful store! I wouldn't necessarily buy anything there because the prices are outrageous but this place is great for getting some stylistic inspiration. The interior design is also quite appealing.

On the more casual front, Filson's Flagship store and Blackbird's Field House both in Seattle are excellent stores that serve up high quality made in USA garb.
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I love Bergdorf, but my heart belongs to Paul Stuart and always will.

I've told this story before on this Forvm, but when I was a young copywriter fresh off the boat from Minnesota I would wander through Paul Stuart with no intention of buying anything. One day I was admiring a navy suit priced north of $1500. The salesguy offered to help me with it but I said he shouldn't bother because I couldn't afford it. He insisted I try it anyway, adding "so you'll come back in a few years and buy one then." The unfailing graciousness of the staff has indeed kept me a customer there for well over a decade.

They also have their own relatively timeless style. Wearing one of their suits, you could take a time machine to any point in the last 80 years and not look out of place.

And I do love their Phineas Cole stuff, even if some of the items are a tad costumey.
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Well if we are talking about good looking stores where we will never buy anything. Garys on Fashion Island would be my fav.
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+1 for Sid Mashburn. Absolutely outstanding. Here in Atlanta, used to like DrewLewis, but they stopped stocking a few key brands that I dug (BoO). Also, love shopping at NM Last Call. You can find some gems there if you stick with it and don't mind checking back fairly often. I'm pretty sure there's a couple of SFers who shark it out to find the good stuff.

Loved Self Edge in SF, along with Unionmade. Fantastic stuff.

Wasn't super keen on Opening Ceremony in LA, but liked the concept of every room being merched for a designer (I'm kind of a retail/visual merchandising nerd).

Century 21 in NY is amazing as well.

I could go on forever. . .
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BG and Barneys in NYC are both great, but perhaps overwhelming. For a smaller store where you would be able to outfit yourself from head to toe (not sure if they carry underwear) it has to be Sid Mashburn. Maybe it's that the style there fits my personal style almost perfectly (perhaps it has influenced my personal style is more the case), but I could wear 95% of the clothes and accessories Sid carries and be perfectly happy. I really can't say that about any other store I have been in.
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Battastoni Rome is a beautiful space. Also Asprey London is gorgeous.
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Isetan - Tokyo.
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