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Shoe Buying Online - Amazing customer experiences

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Looked around for an online shoe store feedback thread and didn't find one, so hope you don't mind me starting this one.

Have been looking for a pair of dark-brown/mahogany brogue boots and reached out to Richard at the Shoehealer. I have brought from him before, have never met him, but he can advise me on fit based on past experiences. I am a US10, slightly narrow, with a low instep. This translates to a 9UK in most makes/lasts (except C&J 337 and Loake Capital where I am 8.5UK). He recommended the Loake Lichfield in a 9UK and steered me away from the Bedale's which were top of my list as they are a wide UK-G. He then suggested I consider some Shoehealer Exclusives based on the Alfred Sargent Hanover in 8.5UK as it fits ever so slightly longer than the Loake Capital.

After a few emails back and forth and adding another pair of daily wear Loake Kemptons I put my order in on Monday. Got an email back on Tuesday confirming my request to split the cost across a credit card and credit/gift card.... and then two days later my boots turned up... in Michigan.


In this day and age of impersonal Internet ordering it really makes a difference when someone like Richard comes along and puts the customer first.

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Hello Andrew and members of the fantastic Style Forum !

Thank you very much for your thread and kind comments Andrew. I am delighted as always when customers see fit to post articles relating to experiences with Shoehealer. Although I am always quite busy with emails from global customers, I would invite members of Style Forum to contact me anytime if you feel I might be able to help with anything.

I do try to respond always in a timely fashion but workload does sometimes delay answers. I can be contacted at or through our website anytime.

Thank you again.


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Richard, any chance you will be stocking Cheaney Imperial and ASExclusive ranges ?
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Thank you Sir.

We are constantly investing in stock by the 7 differenty manufacturers we work with. Unfortunately, there is only so much money available for stock holding, and so much storage space. We currently hold around 800 pairs of shoes in our own stock. Usually, UK manufacturers hold stocks that we can draw from daily, as we do. Unfortunately Alfred Sargent don't have a warehouse full of stock available but I do know they are planning on starting to building stock of several models, although i am not sure which yet, and in any case it will take time.

I have a few different models from tghe new Exclusive collection in production, but these are from the heavier weight Country lines.

All other Exclusive and Hand Grade are made to order, alrthough I do also have  a few pairs of HG in stock now.

Cheaney Imperial, we have a few pairs in stock but again we order as and when required for most of them. Cheaney have just launched a new catalogue, and so some older models have been discontinued and new ones brought in.

I plan as soon  as I find time to start showcasing Cheaney on our website. This will take time though.

Stock enquiries may be better directed through email

Best regards,




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Shoehealer FTW.
Richard is truly a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Best online customer service I have come across hands down.
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+1 for the Shoehealer, Richard has made buying Tricker's a pleasure. If only Tricker's sold more 6 widths as non mtos then I'd have a closet full of Shoehealer shoes.
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Thank you for your kind comments Guys. It is always a pleasure to serve you. ;-)

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Originally Posted by negusnegas View Post

Shoehealer FTW.
Richard is truly a gentleman and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Best online customer service I have come across hands down.

+1 on this. Richard is the man when it comes to Trickers.
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Funnily enough Shoehealer is probably my closest Shoe store yet have never been in the store shog[1].gif

May i add to this thread with my own personal recommendations of superb online experiences with the following and in no real preferential order:

A Fine Pair Of Shoes

Jackson Shoes (In store and eBay)

Salsalocust eBay store


All have given nothing but superb service and have been a delight to deal with. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I recently took up an Incredibly fast postage to Australia through DHL. A Fine Pair of Shoes are also a class act.
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Close enough for a visitSir ?

I welcome you anytime to our store, and happy to offer a 'private appointment' should you require 'out of hours' shoppping.

over 1000 pairs of Englands finest now in stock ;-)


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I was in contact with Richard earlier this year regarding advising on a pair of C&J lowndes and i must say the service and time and effort he put in the answers is outstanding! Unfortunately I settled with another pair of double monks from another retailer, but it was definitely a pleasure to deal with you Richard!
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Are you going to sell the new Loake 1880 models, the suede derby Wentworth and the double monk Cannon? Do you know when you will have these in stock?
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Most welcome Sir anytime.

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Thank you Sir.

Any Models that Loake make for UK Stock we have access to, if we don't already have them in stock. Unfortunately, time constraints prevent me from making as regular updates as I should to our website. If you have any interest in particular models, I would welcome enquiries at

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