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Stylish pda/cell cases?

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Hey guys, Last week I broke down and bought myself my first PDA (Ipaq 3835). OfficeDepot gave me the run around, and in the end gave me a free black leather case for it, but I was wondering if you guys knew of a designer that makes a reasonably priced case for PDA's, and for that matter cell phones. Though I doubt I will get a case for mine (Sanyo 6200), because it is so thin, and cases tend to look ugly on it, I might find something. Thanks, Aaron P.S. A little off topic, but you guys that have had PDA's for a while, know of any really good programs?
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I've had a Coach case since about the day after I bought my Palm Vx. (Their case was specially designed for the Palm V series, and does not require velcro for mounting.) It was quite reasonable. Recently, I've seen some really nice cases by Mulberry. Since I don't need a new case, I didn't look at prices, though. For the fold-up keyboard, I use the standard neoprene case. My cell (a Siemens S40 tripleband GSM deal) is naked. Peace, JG
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Mulberry does make cases and bags for all sorts of stuff. I wouldn't exactly call their prices low but the quality is very good. They have an online shop at http://www.mulberry.com (only a small part of their range is available though). Personally, I dislike the Congo leather.
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