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Originally Posted by Sir Humphrey Appleby View Post

Not enough (about 15 but probably more now) and none.
Fuji, what are you training for/what are your goals?

Originally trained to get a big deadlift and be strong, acquired big deadlift and im pretty strong. Now training for aesthetics. My goals are to make bishes wet and resemble a god. This means doing the forbidden curls.
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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post

we should be discussing weighted pull us and whats the total weight as i bet thereis a large weight distrubtion in users here


Originally Posted by stormin10 View Post

Pushups Idk I normally just do them for about 20 minutes... Don't really count I go for time more than reps. And pull-ups... I really suck at, granted I am pulling up 260lbs, and I find them a tad difficult especially because with most bars I can grip standing flat with my arms kinda bent.
Just curious you guys talking about doing high reps in pull-ups, how much do you weight? Because IMO it would be easier to pull up 140 then 240 etc.


Bigger isn't a disadvantage.   I found that the bigger I got the more chin-ups I could do.


It just depends on power-weight ratio.  


 Everyone has certain not-negotiables they have to lift  -  skeleton, organs, head, vascular and nervous systems.  Anything extra can make chin-ups harder (fat)  or easier (muscle in the right places).


So all things being equal, if I pack on extra muscle in my arms and shoulders (and thus weigh more) i should improve my power to weight ratio and be able to do more chin-ups.






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Push-ups: 60+

Pull-ups (palms out): 14

Plank: 3:00+ minutes (or whatever the length of that song on my playlist may be).


All I do, old Sport, is push-ups, pull-ups, plank, run, bike, and swim.

My base diet is 2 poached eggs, single wheat toast with natural peanut butter, and a small red apple for breakfast, a meat and leafy vegetable for lunch, and a meat and leafy vegetable for dinner.

In between and after long runs I may drink a protein shake (I blend my own).

I avoid high sugar and high complex-carbohydrate foods.


A gentleman should be trim and fit.


Ciao !





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