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alright great!


Thanks again

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No sweat!

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hey driver, you wouldn't happen to know what brand of pants these are? They arent jeans and Im almost certain they aren't Altamont Davis slims ( no altamont tags on the pants plus these have buttons in the back pockets). Since I probably wont be able to get any of the jeans I want anytime soon, since they are all sold out, I'd figure I'd try and get these.





This may not be the best picture but they have a few more of him wearing these during that day and also while he is on set for his how to catch a monster movie. If you can't figure it out it's cool




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I think MrTamborineMan may owe me a cool $20 for finding the jeans. Correct me if I'm wrong....
Originally Posted by MrTambourineMan View Post

I usually read just threads, not create them, but I'm willing to make an exception if it gets this question answered.

If someone can find out what kind of grey jeans Ryan Gosling is wearing in these photos, I will send you a Paypal invoice for $20. I've looked absolutely everywhere and I can't find a thing, but they are the greatest grey jeans I've ever seen.

Also, if you can find out what field jacket he's wearing in the photos in the second link, I'll throw in another $10. Godspeed, gentlemen:
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^^ Yeah good luck collecting that smile.gif
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Wow. That is my response to this whole thread. This is absurd. 

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Is there any way to mark a thread as spam so I never see it again? I think someone is trolling.
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Originally Posted by mrjester View Post

Is there any way to mark a thread as spam so I never see it again? I think someone is trolling.

Just unsubscribe?!
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No, from never seeing it again, while going through new posts. This stupid thread is always at the top.

Working on finding out how.

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Why does everyone have a bug up their ass about people wanting to know what celebrities wear? Someone asks a question, and someone answers. That's a functioning community. It is a style forum after all. If it so pains you to read this sort of thread, then why on earth would you click it?

In regards to Macintosh, I'm not sure on the chinos. I first thought they could be the Levi's Made & Crafted Spoke Chino, but they could also just be Dockers. The shirt is from Worn By, it's called the Kevin t shirt.
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This is ridiculous. I clicked on this out of curiosity, but find it pathetic.


Following a link I wondered, "who the hell would even coem to this trashy tabloid site to begin with?!"


"Ryan Gosling touches his ear while walking down the street..."




This is not what Styleforum represents and this should be removed.


Anyone following or contributing to it should reevaluate what they are, who they are, and what they are doing here as well..

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someone takes this site a bit too seriously. If you dont like it , ignore the thread.


also, thanks driver

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Hey do you guys know what these are the whole outfit except the shoes if possible.
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