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No problem! They're actually the ones I just posted above.  The Altamont Imperial in OD Black.  He's also wearing his Red Wing Iron Rangers, Carhartt J284 and carrying his JanSport Pleasanton backpack.  And his t shirt is from the 1988 Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm.  Let me know if you have any other questions!


EDIT:  Oops, the items I listed above are actually from this photo set:


In the photos you posted, he's wearing the Altamont Imperial in OD Black, Red Wing Iron Rangers, Timberland Stratham Weekender Jacket, Barton Perreira Gilbert in Chestnut, American Apparel hoodie, a vintage Pendleton Round-up t shirt and his JanSport Pleasanton backpack.  Also, he's carrying the book El Topo by Alejandro Jodorowsky. 

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awesome thanks!!


I think the boots are actually these.. In the pictures you don't see any stitching on the top of of the shoe near the toe area. I could be wrong though..


edit: also, the the stitching on his shoes are different than the red wings in that the stitches arent white and his shoes have two stitchings alongside one another and red wings have just one on the sides of the boot.

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I certainly could be wrong. What makes me think they're the Red Wings is really his brand loyalty. He tends to like something and stick with it. Four pairs of Stacy Adams boots, at least six shirts from Alternative Apparel, etc. In regards to the stitching and whether it's a plain toe or cap toe; the stitching quickly darkens and, while it does look like a plain toe, the wear marks suggest a cap toe. Looks at his left boot in the first photo above and then look at this:

I could be wrong, though. These have always stumped me.
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yeah it took me a while to kinda of figure out what brand these are. Someone posted a picture of him wearing this when they werent so torn up.


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also one reason reason why I have some doubts as to them  not being the military boot is because the bottom of his boots doesn't have any ridges or anything along those lines and the military boots does. 


edit.. if the stitching does quickly darken, like you say it does, then I think you're right .

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And in that photo his right boots looks like it's a plain toe.  It's really hard to say.  Either way, Red Wing makes some great boots, I have the 875's and I wear them almost every day.  The Iron Ranger's are going to be better boots than anything you'd get from an Army Surplus store anyway.  Sorry I can't give you a definitive answer on this one.  Let me know if you have questions on any of his other stuff.  

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Dont be sorry , you've helped me A LOT.. i think you're right tho about the iron rangers..


I also love the 875's. I plan on getting them soon and yeah if I have anymore questions in the future I'll just post them in here.



Thanks a lot !

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Glad to help!  Also, just noticed he actually does have the Altamont Wilshire in OD Black as well.  You can tell by the pocket:


These ones are a little easier to find than the others.  The Imperials are long gone.

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Originally Posted by thedriver View Post

Glad to help!  Also, just noticed he actually does have the Altamont Wilshire in OD Black as well.  You can tell by the pocket:


These ones are a little easier to find than the others.  The Imperials are long gone.

oh ok thanks. yeah I've looked for those g hill ones everywhere and can't find the od black ones. hopefully they will make some more in the summer .

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driver,  have you ever seen pictures of him wearing altamont jeans in alameda fit? just wondering the comparison between  that one and imperial..


if not it's cool.






Also, Im pretty sure these are imperial.. Just wanted and second opinion and I was wondering what color do they call these jeans.



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I'm not 100% sure on these, and I've done quite a bit of looking, but I'll tell you what I know.  I believe they're the Wilshire fit, and to my knowledge, he hasn't worn the Alameda.  But if the washes are the same, it would be very difficult to say, as everyone is built differently.  I have the Wilshire and they fit me just like they fit him, so I believe that those are the fit that he's wearing.  We have the same build, I'm just a little shorter than him.  That was taken in Thailand while he was filming Only God Forgives.  He definitely had his Altamont Wilshire in Stone Wash there, but it looks like he had a second grey pair of Altamont jeans.  The ones in the photo you posted could be in Stone Wash as they can look very different depending on lighting, but I'm not sure they are.  Here he is in Thailand wearing what I'm certain are the Altamont Wilshire in Stone Wash.  Note how the rolled cuff has the same contrast as the one in the above photo:


Here's another photo from Thailand, but in this one you can see gold stitching on the fly, which the Stone Wash don't have:


And further, here's a picture in LA of another pair of Altamonts:


Here's a picture of a pair of jeans that I have that could be the same as one of the ones above.  The ones in the link are Alameda, but mine are Wilshire.  Otherwise they're the exact same.


You can see the gold stitching on the fly, but the regular stitching on the inseam just like his.  The photo is an accurate representation on the color in person.  A taupe/grey.  I haven't washed them yet, but I have a feeling that the color will fade (especially if I don't wash them inside out) and that might be what happened to Gosling's pair.  


It's also possible that they're the same jeans, (Wilshire Basic Overdye) but in Light Grey instead of Grey.


So, as I said, I can't give you a definitive answer.  Let me know if you make any headway on this or if you have any other questions.  Good luck!

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Yeah I think the one I posted and the two pictures with him wearing eye glasses and him wearing the motor cycle helmet are the same jean, imo.  I think the Wilshire Overdye Light Grey is too light of a color for it to be these jeans; however, I also think that the stone wash it too blue for it to be that color. It could just be worn out like you said, but it's hard to tell. If I had to take a guess I'd say they may be Wilshire in Graphite maybe.. or like you said just worn out stone wash. What's your take on them possibly being in graphite?

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I think you're right that the two photo sets are of the same jeans.  And I think they're probably the ones that I have with the gold stitching and that they're just faded.  If you look at his black jeans, in some photos they nearly look grey because they're so faded.  The jeans even have a tag on the inside saying that the color will fade out.  

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So you think the original picture is a faded  wilshire in stone wash and the two pictures where we think are the same jean are wilshire  in grey?


Also It's hard for me to tell if Wilshire would fit me well like they do on him. I'm only 5'9 around 160 ish, but Im have an athletic build to me. So idk if like 30 x 30 wilshire jean would fit me like the sized jean he wears and unfortunately I dont have any places near me that sell altamont.

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That's exactly right, yeah.  At least that's what I think.  As far as fit goes, I find that they have some stretch to them, and they're quite forgiving.  If you normally take a 30 or 31, I'd say you're fine with the 30 x 30.  The shorter inseam will give them that tailored look that his have rather than the "stacks" that a longer inseam would give.

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