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Ryan Gosling's Grey Jeans

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I usually read just threads, not create them, but I'm willing to make an exception if it gets this question answered.

If someone can find out what kind of grey jeans Ryan Gosling is wearing in these photos, I will send you a Paypal invoice for $20. I've looked absolutely everywhere and I can't find a thing, but they are the greatest grey jeans I've ever seen.

Also, if you can find out what field jacket he's wearing in the photos in the second link, I'll throw in another $10. Godspeed, gentlemen:
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Not sure about the jeans but the jacket looks like Woolrich.


I have some jeans that look like that, they are Levi's, so I would check there but I am sure the ones that are pictured are not Levi's.


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here's info about the jacket -

maybe email the writer or see if he can get you the contact info for the costume/wardrobe designer and ask for the info
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Originally Posted by tben View Post

Not sure about the jeans but the jacket looks like Woolrich.

I have some jeans that look like that, they are Levi's, so I would check there but I am sure the ones that are pictured are not Levi's.

They definitely aren't Levi's, there is no trademark stitching on the back pockets or the signature red tab. They look like his personal jeans since he wears them everywhere. I don't think that they can be identified from the pictures since they don't appear to have any detailing at all that can be attributed to a particular brand. I think the main reason they look good is because they fit him really well. If you'd like a similar pair of jeans you should be able to find them without any issues. The Jeans thread in SW&D is a good place to start learning about jeans.

Maybe ask some avid Gosling fans, they might be stalkerish enough to know. I'm starting to become more of a fan of him, Blue Valentine and Drive were excellent movies. Good luck!
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There is something about this website that just made me spend five minutes looking a zoomed in photos of his back pocket to try and ID the jeans. They did not have any pocket details or tags that I could figure out.

Not sure about the jeans, but I got a pair of grey sevens last year.

They have five pairs of Grey jeans this year.

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I'd like to find these too. Not necessarily the same exact jeans, but something pretty close. Also, does anyone know where I can get a dark brown v neck sweater like the one he's wearing there?
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I just wasted a half hour trying to figure this out. One of the denim heads in SW&D could probably tell you. To me they don't look like a super high-end brand. Maybe something like Urban Outfitters house label. Since there are no discernible markings, the two things that you can go by are the slightly dropped back pockets and the angled coin pocket. good luck. there are lots of gray/charcoal jeans out there.

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foo.gif this thread is so 99% foo.gif
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They are skateboarding jeans by Altamont. He has them in a stone was and in a black wash. I'm about the same dimensions as him and I'm pretty sure he has the Wilshire fit too
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Good eye!  The grey ones are definitely the Altamont Wilshire Basic in Stone Wash.  Though the black ones are the Altamont Imperial in OD Black as evidenced by the different coin pocket.  Also, the parka is a vintage Woolrich 60/40 in Slate.  There were quite a few versions made, but his had a white zipper and brass snaps.  I've found some pictures of the right combination.  Anyway, great work TypeWriter!

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I looked through the links, which black ones were you talking about? If you can link me the picture you were pointing out that would be helpful, thanks.

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Man, what a weird thing to start a thread. This is like the guy who needed to find the same blue baggy shirt Derek Jeter was wearing, and posted the same thing two years apart. 

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oh great!


thanks driver cheers.gif



Also driveman, you wouldn't happen to know what jeans these are? I'm not completely sure if they are altamont,but if they are do you know what fit they are?








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