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1. Trial jacket is a jacket made from cotton fabric that is made to test the pattern, not for wearing - just not to start cutting the real fabric.
2. Good english fabric makers (or sellers) - Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil, H. Lesser, Harrissons, JJ Minnis - see the Unfunded Liabilities thread or the discussions on the Cutter and Tailor forum (separate from this). My advice is to go with a staple suit - Navy or Grey - keep it relatively simple and classic a 2 buttons, notch lapel, single button coat, just to see how it fits. Do not be shy with the tailor, say what you want and expect, work the details (that is the beauty of bespeaking a suit). Good luck!
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I know he has Dormeuil and H. Lesser, i will have to confirm what else he has when i go back this week.

i was thinking of a navy and definietly a 2 button and then if that looks good, i also want a PoW grey.
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I had a little experience with a "local unknown tailor" (South of France), and I wish to do it again.
I believe it is better to ask for simple stuff (at least first) such as your Navy 2 buttons. For example it could be hazardous to order a Neapolitan shoulder (recent experience of a friend of mine) or a dape cut à la Sholte.
Also, don't focus too much on the details like button holes, they would probably be honorably hand made, but don't expect a wonderful milanese... (of course you can always ask for it and see what comes).

However, except what I stated above, all the rest has to be fing02[1].gif especially the fit, even if it is classic, it should allow you to move easily and look good. And, of course it has to be fully canvassed!

Good luck nod[1].gif
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totally agree. will just keep it simple and classic at first. if he is good then i will get many more made and then i will be able to "experiment"
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If the tailor is proud to let you see some of his finished work, that's usually a good sign. See if you can get a look at one of his suits on a customer. If you like what you see, I say go for it.
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he has already shown me many examples of his work. he seems to have hell of a lot of work on.

i will enquire about seeing one on a customer though
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