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For Sale: Moncler Down Jacket

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Moncler Down Jacket

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm a little bit hesitant to post this, but I am doing it on behalf of a good friend...

He said he got it from a sample sale while he was in Europe a couple years ago...it was a pop up thing that he stumbled into...We are unable to figure out whether this thing is authentic or fake. We've checked the serial number on the Moncler website and it worked as a different jacket...which is really fishy. However, the sales rep told him that it wouldn't work at all because the jackets he was selling were considered "sub-standard" for Moncler...which is why he got them.

My thoughts are that it was as he said a factory defect or something like that...although there isn't anything wrong I can see with it. I don't own any Moncler pieces so I can't do any comparisons...looking to get $300.00 shipped CONUS.

It is tagged a size 4, and seems to be like an L-XL...it fits a bit big on me and I am 160lbs 6ft
I tried taking measurements, but it's incredibly difficult because of the down material














Anyways, looking to get $200.00 or best offer...thanks!
O and I would really appreciate it if anyone can just tell me whether this is fake or not...

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Definitely a fake - I bought the exact same jacket from a forum member here who claimed it was real but again the code didn't work and it had all the hallmarks of a fake, as seen in your photos. You can find these indicators online if you search for them: the text of the logo on the front of the jacket is too thick (bold) - the real lettering is thin; the comic on the inside has very saturated colors - the real one is pale and de-saturated.

All that said, even a fake is worth some money - it is still a down jacket with decent styling. In my case I just asked for some money back from the seller (which he did) since I needed a really cold-weather down coat and I liked the styling (although I took the logo off the front). It's held up fine so far (only had a couple months wear though) and honestly it seemed better value to me than spending the ridiculous sums the real ones go for.

On the downside, the inner lining isn't as soft as the real ones - a bit plasticky, and the down feathers are quite small (high quality jackets use big feathers) so they often find their way through the outer wool layer. The snaps also don't close as hard as they should IMO - they're prone to popping open if you make a big move that stretches the chest a lot. But overall these are fairly minor complaints - it looks good, is pretty comfortable, and it was definitely warm enough for me in a cold NYC winter.
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^^Wow thank you for shedding some light and your great review and comments!!! That was awesome...
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Yeah, concurring opinion on what he ^ said

The cleaning instructions cartoon is way off
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^^^So there you have it guys...send your offers accordingly :-)
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Regardless of its authenticity, that jacket looks sweet. Tsuji is also a great guy. Don't hesitate to buy from him! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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damn nice fake
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i'll buy it for $50
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Still a damn good looking jacket. Wish it was a Medium.

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$50 - offer still stands
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I'll go $60 for it.
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I'll offer up $100 for it now.
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