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Velvet slippers

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I have acquired a pair. I love them, but am convinced there is no way to wear them without looking like a complete douche (I'm ok with this)

Non-douchy examples of velvet in the wild are appreciated
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You'll be fine as long as you're a wealthy socialite from the 1920s.
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I have a pair in black velvet that I wear for black tie events.

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If you can pull it off, I think it is fine. Personally I feel it should be worn for a more relax/lounging sort of atmosphere - not a black tie event. Around the city while shopping would be okay as well, obviously not anywhere dirty or wet, and in fair weather.

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I saw those at the stubbs and wootton store in southhampton this summer.

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Depends if they have motifs on the front or not. I feel like wearing them with jeans or casual pants can be a cool statement: a mix of formal and informal.
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I believe James wears them sometimes. Agreed with Saturdays too.
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I wore mine last night with grey flannels and a navy sweater when we decided to run out for some Vietnamese tapas. It wasn't any big style statement. I was working from home and grabbed them because they were handy.
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I have a pair of black velvets I wear for black tie and a pair of navy blue linen needlepoint slippers I wear around the house. I'll wear them out if I am lazy or something unexpectedly comes up but more often than not I only wear them in my home. Put them on everyday when I get home from work. I will also occasionally wear them when entertaining in my house.
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i like them with no insignia ... in green, navy, burgundy, black or brown.

here is a quick google search ... hard to find ones with no insignia.

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Black is the most obvious choice, and tends to work the best with more formal ensembles. It does have two disadvantages, though; it is the default color for many manufacturers, and for this reason can look a tad generic (this, of course, is relative) and sometimes make it look as if the wearer is trying too hard by focusing on the item rather than how it suits him. 

If black slippers are chosen, some sort of subtle emblem is generally desirable. I have a red-lined pair from Ralph Lauren (C&J, I believe) in black velvet with a black "RLP" insignia, and the tonal embroidery gives them more depth than a plain toe or an ornate gold crest. They came to me secondhand, however, and I'd have preferred for the ornamentation to have been of some personal relevance. It's important, when wearing a potentially pretentious item, to keep it defensible and avoid motifs that relate to sports you don't play, schools you don't attend, etc.


Navy blue is a good choice for velvet, and can be worn unadorned or otherwise. It goes with a wide range of items while being arguably less conspicuous than black or some brighter color. 


Finally, for summer, needlepoint is the most appropriate. I've never cared much for linen slippers, as I find them somehow off-putting in all but a few cases. The material seems to be at odds with the shoe's style. It takes balls to wear needlepoint slippers, but if you've got them and can treat them as you would any other shoe they work splendidly. Take a page out of this guy's book and keep the rest of the outfit subdued, so as to avoid looking like your significant other is making you wear them while you're on vacation.


That pair is from Stubbs and Wootton, and I hope to obtain a pair at some point. 

They're among the better needlepoint offerings I've seen.


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I got them plain without embroidery from but they have custom embroidery options and nice stock embroideries for those who have the guts to wear them

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Originally Posted by niidawg3 View Post

hard to find ones with no insignia.

you mean extremely easy right?
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