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For Sale: PBJxx007 - 33 *FINAL PRICE DROP*

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: USA

Hello all -

Up for grabs is a pair of Pure Blue Japan xx007 (Slim Straights). Originally purchased from BiG in January '11 in the raw versions, they've been tub soaked once, rinsed once, and washed once. I've passed through an on again/off again sort of relationship with these jeans, eventually determining the thigh measurement is just too small. So, with the holidays coming up and on a student's budget, I'm hoping to pass them along to facilitate some gift financing.

They've been worn for 3 months, shelved for 4, worn for another month and a half, and then shelved again. At this point I figure I'd best pass them on to an owner who can fully appreciate the amazing denim.

Current Measurements (but expected to shrink back down more - all previous exposure to water was cold and brief):

Waist - 17.25
Thigh - 12.5
Inseam - 35+
Knee - 8.6ish
Hem - 8.5
FR - 10 1/8
BR - 14

These do demonstrate signs of relative wear - they're certainly not "new, fresh out of the bag." I've done my best to be honest with their wear by actually lightening the photos when compared to real life. They are still very dark, with the majority of any fading principally across the lap and on the back pockets. However, they're still at a very moldable stage, so they have plenty of indigo left for their new owner.

Thanks for looking -

*Buyer pays shipping*
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12.5 inch thigh.. seems a bit off from what I have seen with 007 sizing. Could be wrong
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It has been stretched with wear, but I just remeasured it (and assuming I'm doing it correctly, having reviewed BiGs practice) and it comes to 12.5. Raw measurement was initially between 12.5-12.75, so that section of the jean hasn't shrunken down (as stated in the ad).

But thanks for pointing that out, and please do, anyone, post/pm with any questions.
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Makes sense, scary to think they could shrink down to the one wash 11.75 inch thighs.
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Yeah - they're simply still closer to raw size than not. Thanks -
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PM'd you with a question.
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