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Abnormally long legs

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Hello all,
I'm new to this forum and have been reading up on the plethora of satorial information. However, there is one question in which I cannot find an answer to. I have extremely long legs. I'm 6'2" 190lbs and about 75% of my body consists of my legs. Often, many people think that I am just wearing my pants really high until they realize it is in fact on my waist if not an inch or two below because I am so self concious of it. I currently buy everything low rise, but that doesn't seem to do the trick either. Are there any jeans/pants out there in which you could direct me to that would help with this dilema. If not, what overall outfits do you think would help cover up this "defect." Sometimes no one can tell how long my legs are but no matter how much I try to replicate the outfit in which no one notices it just doesn't work. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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A pic of you should help.
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I'm 6' 4" and I know your pain...

I've had very good luck with APC... Marc Jacobs makes a generous 36" inseam... Built by Wendy makes a nice pair of tall slim jeans... and I finally sprung for a pair of Diors that are crazy long. Levis makes some long lengths for sure. It takes some hunting to find them. I tried on the Skinny Stacked Levis and they were fantastic. After the Diors though, I put the brakes on denim shopping for a while.
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Samurai's have a 36" inseam after wash. Maybe a retro anti-fit type of jean would suit you. I'm not sure which of their jeans suits this description, maybe someone could chime in.

I think a skinny jean would accentuate the length of your legs, and at 190lbs they might not suit your body type (hard to know.)
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I am 6'8 and 200. I have an athelitc build so I go from a 44 chest to a 34 waist.

Yesterday, I tried on a pair of nudies (didn't get the cut) but they were 34x34 labled but how they cut the waist, they fit very well.

I usually wear a 34x36 (but really a 38), but it seems how the waist sits on raw denim, they tend to have a super long fit. I am planning to go to Duttons in Vancouver next satuday and buy a pair of nuddies and APC jeans. They will be my first raw denim purchases other then my close, Levi's 501s.
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I'm actually looking for the opposite of accentuating the length of my legs. I would like to lengthen my torso. I have an athletic build if that helps. I'll snap a shot asap but my legs are fairly muscular so the slim fits are extremely tight around my quads.
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You'd definitely want something low rise. A decent amount of antifit would also help I think. Not sure what to suggest though..

maybe a pair of regular ralfs slung low on your hips? They look great on athletic builds.
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How about a 3/4 length jacket and/or a longer shirt? Might make it a bit less obvious.
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I really doubt 75% of your height is legs. There is probably some other aspect about either your physique or clothing selection which is accentuatiing the legs. I would love to see a pic of you though. What is your measured inseam?
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I have an abnormally long 3rd leg
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