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Monday WAYWRN Challenge : 3 way fit battle - NewYorkRanger vs. Acecow vs. Threadbearer

Poll Results: Who did it best?

Poll expired: Nov 10, 2011  
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The Battle of the GroupThink Jacket!

I promised to host these 3 iGents fit battle a few weeks ago, and we are ready to roll. iGent groupthink drove these 3 challengers to select the same cloth for their jackets (both MTM and OTR), so here we go... who did it best?

467 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Gents -
You're looking great all three of you. But if a decision must be made, ace's PS pops a little too much for me against the neutral and low-contrast top and the dark pents. Those are some killer boots though smile.gif Ranger, I love teh scarf. Madder ftw. IMHO the colors in the first pic are much more attractive than the indoor pics, I'm guessing the first pic is more accurate. I'm not a fan of longwings in general, although these are more attractive than most. TB, this tie is a great choice, as well as the shirt. It's a tough choice, but I can't ignore that NYR's fit around the collar for both the jacket and shirt is significantly superior to TB's, and therefore I give my vote to him. Very well done all the way around though, gents.
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Where is the poal, or is this a post up your vote deal?

I am going to give it to Rob. I like Ace's jacket fit very much, but I don't like the closed quarters.

Robbie, please shave that abomination offa your face. Is this year another beard contest with the family?

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acecow by a furlong. 8 of them.
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Ranger wins best overall look of the 3 in my opinion, though Ace's fit is superb, and I think Thread's tie/ps/braces are a great combination.

Everyone's a winner shog[1].gif
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to me, the jacket fit best in Ace... the for the overall look I prefer Thread... just my $ 0.02
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Ace just about pips it I think. I can't really see the "fit" from TB's photos.

Good looks all round but I definitely prefer NYR as an overall outfit.
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I think Thread looks slightly more comfortable in his jacket. That may just be a result of how/when the pics were taken, but its so close that's the only thing I can think of to separate them.

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I picked Rangers for the following reasons:

- I am a sucker for brogue/wingtip dress shoes
- The 2-inch cuff
- His NYR beat up the Habs this past weekend

Having said that, both Ace and Bear are also outstanding, especially how well Ace's pants fit him.
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Thanks for putting this together, Spoo.

Now cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!
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I have to give it to NYR. I think this fabric goes best with the patch pockets, and Robs has the best button stance and lapels.
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NYR's look appeals to me the most in terms of the overall style, and at least superficially, the jacket fits the best too. I like ace's shoes and the fit concept, but maybe the jumper is too tonal for it? TB's is probably the most "SF-y", but it just doesn't grab me all much and feels a bit flat.


Having said all that, I'm not actually a fan of the jacket pattern in this contest, but NYR's interpretation was the most interesting I think.

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Went with NYR. The colors flowed the best for me (and the flatcap didn't hurt). Acecow's PS threw it off a bit, and TB's...the tie/shirt combo just doesn't work with the jacket color, IMO. I found myself thinking something was very off as I looked through the photos, but when I got to the one where it's tie/shirt/braces and the jacket slung over his shoulder I thought "That looks great!" I just don't think the tan of the jacket works well with those colors.
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Great idea for a thread and kudos to the 3 contestants for participating. I give the nod to TB for overall look.
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I'm going to vote for Ace.

The pieces fit well, and the overall aesthetic is composed and elegant yet casual. It is also particularly flattering to his build. My only nit would be that I prefer a slight bit contrast between jacket and sweater but it's just a nit.

NYR and Thread both look swell in their fits as well. It is a tough call for me but ultimately I chose the look that I would personally be most likely to wear myself.
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