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I had friends that went to Whitnall. I went to Muskego for one year, and graduated from Brookfield Academy. I'm writing a book about men's clothing and have a website to assist in the effort. I'm in that no-man's land awaiting the final red line galleys before going to the printer. The web site is up, but I'm doing some work to it. I've been waiting to make an announcement till I have my ducks in a row so I can follow my own rules about one solicitation post. Guess I'm kinda skirting them here, but not intentionally. Anyway, I can post about the stores I do know about in Milwaukee, and if you do any traveling in the next 6-8 weeks before the book is officially out, I'll be happy to post excerpts of the directory for any city you or another member plan to visit., as long as it's one of the metro areas I covered (37 in all). I have done this previously for Boston and LA.
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That sounds awesome. I would definately be interested in picking up a copy of the book when it is published. Eric
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Thanks for your support, and for that of many of the Forum members who've helped directly or indirectly.
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I was on a cool site yesterday, if you like fashion foward jeans try carpe denim. I don't think they come out till fall but I heard they are suppose to be pretty hot. Also try Rogan, they too have an excellent finish as well as fit. Both well worth the Hundred dollar price tag.
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My favorite pair of jeans I've ever had were made by American Eagle. I normally shy away from this brand, because I'm not fond of ANY of the shirts or anything else. But the jeans fit amazingly. They are distressed, with two stitching patches that are very subtle. The cut is called boot flare, and the waist is low. I payed about $80 CAN. And it was the best $80 I've ever spent. I wear them regularly, and they seem to be of very good quality. But I've only had them for about six months. As for Buffalo, they run a little big sizewise. I bought a pair from Winners last year, and they are still holding up very well. The ones I bought have a vintage look, with the wash and logo. The only complaint I have is that the fit isn't perfect. I could have gotten away with a smaller size.
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Has anyone tried John Varvatos jeans?
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