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Ah, Steve, I value your opinion, you know that. In fact, I don't think you voice it enough. If you feel people are getting exploited, let other fashion-conscious men know about it. But I won't talk about it anymore if you don't want to.
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Now I do not wear jeans but I was curious as to the quality, fit, and such of Versace jeans.
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Thanks Mike, I'm sure I will love it. As far as PDC, all the cuts I've found are rather large for me. I love their washes, so I wish I could find a pair that fit great. NYC shopping: Also check out ARI on W. Broadway just S of Houston. They've got jeans with smaller cuts, but some of their stuff is a bit flamboyant for my tastes. I don't know the quality of Versace jeans, but I don't really like their designs. To each their own. Pete
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I've been wearing Lev's 501 for more than 15 years and would like to try designer jeans. How different is a pair of designer jeans from a Levi's, in terms of cutting and fit?
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I just bought an awesome pair of jeans yesterday. The brand is Buffalo by David Bitton. They fit very well, and look nice. They are indigo/almost black, with a vintage look to them. Plus, they were a great buy at $80. Any one else care for this brand?
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Buffalo = fairly cheap jeans in Canada. They run about CAN$70 here regularly priced (and are easily found on sale). This means they're about US$50 at worst. By comparison, Diesels cost about CAN$140 and PDC around CAN$220.
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Buffalo = fairly cheap jeans in Canada.  They run about CAN$70 here regularly priced (and are easily found on sale).  This means they're about US$50 at worst.  By comparison, Diesels cost about CAN$140 and PDC around CAN$220.
Haha, you got my exact reason why the snob in me doesn't like them Plus, they're always for sale for $40CDN (~$27US) at Winners (AKA TJ Maxx in the USA.) Seems to me they're very derivative in style, cut, and wash. I saw a bunch of Buffalo jeans that looked very similar to last year's Diesel Zulu, only the stripes were painted on in a very cheesy way. In general Buffalo IMHO is a super trendy brand like Zara, Guess, etc. OK quality for the price, knockoffs but nothing totally original.
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I actually shy away from Buffalo not because it's too easily accessible, but because the quality stinks. The two Buffalo sweaters I've owned were crap.
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Wow, didn't know there was so much negativity associated with them. This was my first time buying their product, and I didn't know too much about them except they were sold in a trendy store that sold Diesel, G-Star, Yohji Yamamoto, etc. so I thought the quality would be similar.
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VM: What store did you get them at? I didn't know anyone in Milwaukee carries that stuff. I'm from there, y'know. E-mail or message me if you're not comfortable mentioning the store...
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Versaceman: in all seriousness don't sweat it, for me it's the standard "don't like it if it's made in my own country" inferiority complex (i.e. 501s are mundane in the US but insane overseas, or Energie in Europe, etc.) I don't like Parasuco either (too girly for me) but it's big in Canada and other places. I've found with denim that most of the time, you get what you pay for (up to a point, say $200). Ignoring amazing sales or outlet deals, sub $50 jeans will usually not have the same level of detail, super trendy cut, or amazing wash as a $100+ pair of jeans. From 20 feet hardly anyone will be able to tell the difference, so whether it's worth it that's up to you. Somebody else was asking about Earl jeans - I bought four pairs last year and they have held up very well. The denim is ringspun and has a nice soft hand, the wash is nice but not spectacular - there are some nice resin crusted parts around the ankle/knee for a permanent crease which looks good (to me.) The cut is on the low side though, and personally I find the crotch rides a tiny bit too low and snug so the jeans rub the inside of my legs. The standard rise models (which are still on the low side) are fine though. They also fit a little big, a 32 is more like a 33 or 34 (even though they're meant to be worn low). I don't know about the shrinkage factor since I have not washed or dry cleaned them yet. If you're really enamoured of designer denim I would wait for sales (never buy anything at retail.) Depending on how the buyer of the store predicted certain trends, amazing deals can be had. Last year I picked up a pair of Dior jeans that wear originally $400+ for $120 (still pricey but at 70% off what the heck.)
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VM: I live in Northern California (SF Bay Area) now. Also lived in Hales Corners when I graduated high school. My brother still lives close to Madison and is a clothes horse like us. I'm gonna e-mail him these stores. Unfortunately I didn't get enough time to put Milwaukee or Madison in the store directory for this book edition. But I can get them in the next, and on the web site.
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Did you by chance attend Whitnall High School?  (thats my Alma Mater).  San Francisco is just awesome, I would love to live there some day.  My aunt and uncle live there, actually they live in Marin Co. now.  I loved the shopping there, both in the downtown stores (macy's was amazing) and on Haight street.  I found a ton of nice recycled clothing and vintage clothing stores in that area ot town, I think one of them was called Buffalo Exchange and the other was Crossroads or something, but I got some good deals there.  I wish there were more places like that around here. **Edit** I am a little unclear about the book and website you are talking about. It sounds like you have a website and/or book about clothing stores? If so I'd love to check that out.
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