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Blazer replacements

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I was just looking at the new collections, and noticed that a very cool look, similar to the suede jacket/blazer look of last (and almost every) season, has been modified. The safari jacket has been slimmed down and darkened and deconstructed, and is now all over all collections. And, I must say, I think it looks great. However, this raises another question- what other jacket/blazer looks do people wear? European Interloper
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I've been wearing a vintage, slimmed down tan safari jacket for a while. It's got some military touches like shoulder straps and plenty of pockets. The details are really cool and very similar to many runway looks this season. Pointed pocket closures are my favorite part. I bought it at What Comes Around Goes Around in Soho, NYC. I visit the store and have left with something everytime. I just bought a pair of fitted, bootcut vintage East West leather pants. They're the same brand that made Jim Morrison, Janis and the Grateful Dead's leather goods. The color is dark caramel and they were custom made in 1970 in San Francisco. I wear em out clubbing and they're amazing in quality and detail. For cool vintage wear, you should check the shop out if you're in NYC. I like the new blazer alternatives and feel there's something for everyone with the look. Pete
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VWpete: I've never heard of What Comes Around Goes Around, and I live in SoHo (Florence for the next few months though). Where is it, and what prices are you looking at? Have you ever shopped at Cheap Jacks on Broadway and 14th? They have great vintage pieces, though at stratosphereic prices ($100+ for a vintage tee).
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Hey there, I haven't shopped at Cheap Jack's. I do agree that some of what WCAGA sells is ridiculously overpriced. I shop there and got the pants on a 30% mark down and no tax because I'm from IL. It's on W. Broadway, just north of the Soho Grand. Kind of near Patricia Field's Hotel Venus (Sex and the City stylist--my sis's favorite accessory store). If your heading north on W. Broadway from Tribeca, keep your eyes peeled to the right. You'll see it. I bought my jacket for a decent price, but beware of crazy expensive rock tees and Levi's jeans. Check it out for sure. Like many places, most things are expensive but scores can be had. Their stuff is very nice, well presented and the staff is cool. I'm planning on maving to NYC for the Summer around the third week in May. I'm gooing to have to sublease a furnished studio and Im looking to live in Soho. If you know of any studios free for the summer, let me know. I bet Florence is amazing. Are you studying there? Cheers, Pete
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Yea, I'm studying here untill May. It's an amazing experience so far. I spent last weekend in Milan, which was great, but I plan on travelling alot more. I can give you some info on where to look for apt. in NYC off the list.
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