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Clothing for short and skinny people

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I've finally gathered the courage to post this, in hope of getting some help, so here it goes.
I'm 21 years old, but I'm only 174 cm tall and my weight is around 45-50 kg. Topman is the only one I know of who makes clothes (at least sweaters and outerwear) in my size (I have a 32" chest size). I know one option
is to buy clothing for children, but the proportions often ends up being wrong. Also, it's quite hard to find quality clothing for children. Naturally, I also have problems with trousers (I use 26-28"). I know that I can always get a tailor to taper the legs, but when every trouser I try on or buy ends up being way to loose around the seat, it's no use. This I experienced myself when I
ruined a "slim" pair of trousers from Incotex which was way to big for me. It was an expensive mistake, but now I've learned.

I've never been able to find a SC's or suit that fits and the only suit I got (size 34) is to big and the shoulders too wide, even after a trip to the tailor. I've e-mailed Gordon Yao and plan on getting some suits and SC's from them when they travel to London as I can't see any other way to get something that fits. But seeing as It's a little bit over my budget I'd be really happy if I could buy a suit or a SC OTR. As a guy who's very interested in classic mens style I use a lot of time and energy on trying to find something that fits, but in most cases I end up with clothes that are too big for me. Obviously, I'm starting to get extremely frustrated. confused.gif
Just so it's clear, there's no point in telling me to eat and gain weight because it's health related and sadly not something I have any control over.

So, my question is this: Who else makes clothes in such small sizes and preferably with a slim fit? Is there any hope for me and other people in my position?
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Welcome to Styleforum.
There certainly is hope. Many of our members here will have information specific to your inquiry. Please be patient as it may take several hours or a day or two for them to see this thread.
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Sorry to hear about your health condition. That's difficult. Best of luck to you.

Maybe try bespoke?

As for OTR, maybe some of the more streetwear-oriented brands with very slim cuts. Dior Homme, Jil Sander, Theory are just a few off the top of my head. Those are cut very slim. Incotex/Mabitex for pants. The sizing can vary a lot. There are some that are really slim, other that are labeled "comfort" that aren't as slim.
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Might be worth a look.

Good Luck.
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Like many people on this forum, I too am in the same situation as you.


Something as simple as buying a tie or socks is difficult. I don't need a "one size" approach with socks made to fit a size 6 through a 12. That's such a large spread. I have smaller feet (7.0 - 7.5) and need small socks so that the heel isn't riding up to my ankle. I also don't need 57" - 60" ties; it just doesn't work with my torso length. So measuring ties is a common annoyance.


I found the Short Shrifted blog to be a great read. It hasn't been updated since June 2011 but the articles and posts contain plenty of great and useful information.


Budgetary constraints have kept me from going true bespoke, but I've purchased and received my first MTM dress shirt via and after a few adjustments am anxiously awaiting my second shirt. The first shirt wasn't perfect but it was easily the best fitting dress shirt I have ever owned. I too am a 32 chest with about a 15 neck. A size 16 dress shirt (youth) from Brooks Brothers will fit my chest perfectly but the neck will be about an inch too small if I true to button the collar. Their smallest men's shirt will have shoulders too wide, a neck that is still a bit tight, and sleeves that are too long. So if you haven't yet, I'd definitely recommend trying to the online MTM route. Plenty of online tailors so you can play around with your price point, fabric selection, and styles.


Both Gordon Yao and WW Chan are traveling through my city this month and I'm debating whether or not to give either a try. I have a MTM suit on the way from but I figure I could always go for a more conservative and classic cut. I'd probably get my first suit from Yao / Chan if the holidays weren't coming up in the upcoming weeks. So much traveling, gifts, and expenses to keep in mind.


So a lot of this, from my experience at least, comes to budgetary constraints and limitations. As a young professional, I'm still far from reaching the peak of my financial earnings (I hope) yet still have to keep up with the costs associated to my current life (expenses, student loans, upcoming wedding, etc.).


I look forward to hearing the input from other members.


Though it's no longer active, you may also want to take a quick view at the "Clothes for the Short Guys" thread.


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I have similar problems, having a 33" chest. It is pretty much impossible to buy OTR sportcoats or suits, even size 34 tends to look bigger than I would like. Luckily I have a 29" waist so I don't have much problem finding trousers that fit well as long as I buy slim brands like Incotex, but for suits or SCs I am pretty much forced to buy MTM or bespoke.

There is one OTR brand I've ever tried that has fit slim enough, and that was Dior, but for what a Dior suit costs you could get two MTM suits, or maybe even one lower-end bespoke.

I get all my shirts MTM as well, but with places like ModernTailor and TailorStore that barely costs any more than OTR.

As for your height, it sounds like you're only slightly shorter than average, so you shouldn't have much trouble there. Trousers can be hemmed shorter and in coats the short sizes should be plenty short enough (if your chest size wasn't forcing you to go MTM/bespoke anyway). The only problem is, as CosmeDaniel mentions, ties may be a bit too long; I usually have to tuck the narrow end into my shirt otherwise it hangs down longer than the wide of the tie. If this is a problem you can get your ties made bespoke to the appropriate length, for example by Sam Hober or Drakes.
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Originally Posted by CosmeDaniel View Post

Though it's no longer active, you may also want to take a quick view at the "Clothes for the Short Guys" thread.

Feel free to add more info and keep it going please...
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With this measurements you need to buy tailor made clothes. As Sanguis Mortuum pointed out, you can easily find budget tailors with decent quality.

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Brooks Brothers' "Extra Slim Fit" shirts are generally a good start. They're not so much slim-fitting as they are well-proportioned. Assuming you're a 14.5 or larger in the collar, you'd do well with a few of those. Their made to measure program is worth a try as well.


As for pants, Epaulet ( ) makes some of the best-fitting ones out there. They cost less than Incotex, and the waist can be taken in by an inch and a half. The inseam is unfinished, too, so you'll end up having to get them hemmed in the beginning anyway to the length that works best for you. 



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hey!!! dude.,,dont be frustrated :)

u know what i can suggest u..go for custom made blazers and go with light color chinos..

i am sure u must have tried zara,H&M they are budget friendly and i should say this brands are a SAVIOR....Try the them...obviously u 'll have to alter it here and there but it wouldn't be as brutal as u have experienced with other works for me....and a small tip: shoes??? formal and semi formal for that classic look u should grab them from jack and jones:)

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I'm your size as well, with similar health issues, and I find boys size 18r work great for shoulder fit, etc. Much cheaper than men's 34s and often the same quality from major makers like Brooks Brothers. I also find Brooks Brothers ESF or SF 14.5/32 work great. Steve Smith here on the forum resells Brooks Brothers items and I've purchased a ton of shirts from him in ESF/SF.
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