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I'm getting it, just been waffling on whether to download it or buy the vinyl. But actually, I need a version for my car, so I'm gonna download and decide on the vinyl later. I've been listening to bits of it though here and there and it sounds fantastic.

Im guessing that the vinyl comes with a download code though I could be wrong. I already have 3 version of this album at least. Don't know if I can justify buying another. I feel like the attention the SMiLE story gets dulls recognition of the great songs written afterwards, all the way up through Love You. People act like Wilson just lost his shit after that, but I think a lot of Surf's Up, Friends, Sunflower, and WIld Honey are incredible. Aren't you Glad is one of my favorite BB songs.
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Okay, I now have one of my father's Christmas presents this year.
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finished the piece. took a l ot longer than I thought it would.
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Where can I read it?
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It'll be months,damned quarterlies.
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Pet Sounds > Smile (any version)

I'm an unwashed heathen, I know.

But then again

Smile > Almost any other album ever made.
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