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I need your help SF! Need speaking points for my RLBL/RLPL rap music video!!! - Page 2

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Originally Posted by onix View Post

video needed.

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"Only thing more purple than my drink is the label in my jacket
Tweed better than Hackett
Green Repp tie to match it"

"My pockets look like they on a computer, straight hacking"
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

First things first, iGent, freaks all the ponies
Leicas, M8s, iPhone pictures are baloney
Shell is the ones I like cause they internet phe-noms
but Saphir creams, smells like dee-bombs
'Purple Label', I buy on discount
Polo label, never, black label for ever
however, I stay Green label down to the socks
Woodbury commons filled with stock
and my sales rock in the B&S thread you see
Reevolving pee pee when he see me
NORE creep me in the City
as I lay down laws like Allen Edmonds
Buy it - if ya think theyre gonna make a profit
don't see my Marlows, don't see my Lindricks- get it
now tell ya friends Spoo kopped it then flipped it
in two as I flow with the iGent (velvet) mafia
I don't know what the hell's stoppin ya
I'm selling ya, Versace shirts rocking ya
once Reev start a thread, I'm in, game begin
first I talk about how I facepalm this
Mad replies on this - Stretch shoes dont fit
The Mina is just immaculate from the back I get
cleaner and cleaner, help Vox reach the
steez that your tailor can't make
call the store, tell them you'll be there real late
to catch the sale break


I got that Purple Label, girl you didn't know?


I got that shell, cord-o, you didn't know?

One more pair, B&S give me one more pair....

Take that take that, a-ha!
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Now boys, let me break down what's all about -Polo
you wear it cause all you want is to flash that -Logo

i think its time to take a look back, son
you ain't fresh unless you got Purple Label on.
sick shoe game for your fresh toes
when you rockin those darltons and marlows

I be hippin n hoppin
all over Ralph Lauren - shoppin'
I see my boy Caruso, he be spinnin
Black Label is like wool spillin
all over my body
no Polo cause I ain't shoddy

Check it, Check it - my kicks yo
Crockett and Jones got my fix yo
business meetings - i'm in a fashion show
Purple Label - this is how a suit should flow

I been had Polo
now i'm rockin Caruso
go on and say hi
to my knit tie
all y'all trying to hard so be fly

--- If you really do make this video let me know if you need help editing or adding effects. I'm pretty handy with FInal Cut Studio and Motion, also not too bad with their Adobe counterparts (Premiere After Effects, Encore).
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Edited by F. Corbera - 11/5/11 at 7:07am
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Bitches love Purple Label,
I tell you now that ain't no fable,
You get the homies wearin' Polo,
Thinkin' they fly they flash that logo,
Pique polo shirt made in China,
These chumps think that there's no finer,
I don't need no logo I ain't a brand whore,
The real ballas will know this shit costs more.
Double breasted, made in Italy,
Make those ladies want to sit on me,
Peaked lapels and a ticket pocket,
More electrifying than putting your fingers in a socket,
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Originally Posted by Saltricks View Post

What I need from you guys:

Some pertinent points I should be making in the video about Purple/Black Label

Ticket pockets
Polos are made in China

Let's get this done! This has the potential to go viral.

How about some lyrics like:

- "Ridin' dirty with gunclub check"
- "Curb stomp dat fool with my double soled C&J's"
- "Nailin' hoes in nailhead suiting"
- "Drop 8? I'ma drop dat fool if he don't back the f*** off!"
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Originally Posted by F. Corbera View Post

This is now officially the most Caucasian thread on StyFo.

You know you laughed. Or smirked at the very least.
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Needs to be very overproduced.

Delivery should be like to the tools in this video:
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I'm going to use professionally shot hd footage from my sister's black tie club event to help fill in some of the gaps. It'll be legit. I have this one shot of a guy in a tuxedo doing windmills on the dance floor. LOL

My dance team friends are interested too, so you'll probably get to see me gliding and tutting in the video too, haha
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Err, forgot this was styleforum not haha

Tutting is a sub-genre/style of hip hop dance in which you create 90 degree angles with your arms in conjunction the high hat in a hip hop beat.
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Thank you for your explanation.
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Holy crap, this may turn out to be the most epic SF threak since brown is for farmer.
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Are you going to do this, "Been Had" video style? Showing each of the SF-Approved RL items you own ?
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