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shoes to match my jeans

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i have a pair of thin finns, nudies. and big shoes with thin jeans seems too look just plaing stupid. soo right now i only wear it with my vans slip ons, converse, and pumas. soooo now heres the question, would hi top shoes still look ok?

vans sk8 hi tops
and nike hi tops (santanas)

or if not what other shoes would you guys recommend other then the usual slip ons/converse. thanks
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some people rock big shoes with slim jeans. check out some of the what are you wearing from cheap mf, i reckon it looks good
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yeh... i was gonna ask the same questions.... what works with something like apc NS other than vans/converse????
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Personally, I think high tops look much better with skinny jeans because the laces don't get in the way and make the hem look funny.
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yea, dunk highs look awesome with slim jeans ^^ personally, i wear cons with my NS. used to wear dunk lows with them but figured it looked a lil hypebeasty.
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Does anyone have a pic of skinny hemmed jeans and Alden Indys? I'm considering ordering a pair of Indys, but I've never seen them worn with a skinny jean.
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^ yeah, they don't look so great with indys IMO... a bootcut jean is much better.
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I think that big chunky shoes look terrible with slim jeans. I'd stick with sleeker low profile shoes or boots.
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Same. Actually, I hate chunky shoes period. Slim low profile are my favorites.
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common projects achilles high.. nice and simple not unlike a dior sneaker, and goes perfect with skinny denim like cures or diors
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here's my take on it...

jordans... but only 1-5.

heres some 3s with ande whall grifters

my favorite tho is my OG blazers... here they are with samurais(S0500XX)

i also think any of the more retro looking hitops will work.... think 70s- 92
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those vintage blazers are crazy.
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