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Sweater brands

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I was wondering what brands, styles, and colors of sweaters you guys wear over a button down dress shirt. I've seen some zip-ups that look good with the collar. Also, what sweaters look good rolled up with rolled up dress sleeves over them?
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If you're going to layer a dress shirt with a sweater, make sure the sweater is a v-neck. I have a red peak performance sweater with a faint argyl pattern that looks really good with dress shirts. Maybe you could look for something similar.
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I got a merino v-neck from Club Monaco last week and it's ideal for wearing over button-downs. I really like the fit.
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I think you can pretty much wear any brand/style of sweaters you want over a dress shirt. At least for me, the key is 1) fit and quality relative to price for the sweaters and 2) make sure the shirts are fitted (This will help with the silhouette). Personally, I wear alot of v-necks and qtr/half zip sweaters in lambswool, merino wool, and cashmere. They tend to hold their shape the best and go well with shirt sleeves rolled up. I also have a few cotton sweaters but I tend to stay from them b/c of the shape issue. As for brands, I started with BR but have gradually moved up and will no longer buy BR (also their quality has gone down significantly). I found that JCrew makes a decent merino wool v-neck if you get it on sale. Polo makes some decent ones. I've also recently purchase some scottish cashmere from Off-Saks that I really like. Some day I'd like to buy some Loro Piana sweaters but that may be a pipe dream! Finally, I posted a question on how to roll shirt sleeves with a sweater here if you're interested on how to do it properly.
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I buy BR, and have had no quality trouble (not saying that they're great make or anything thou).

BR fits me best (polo, other us brands look henious on me, for some reason european sweaters fit better though), and their blends don't itch (I have really dry skin), plus you can get them cheap (right now they have some on sale for as low as $25).
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What is your body type like Ruben? I am a very skinny guy, not very broad, and a pretty skinny neck. Do you guys who have similar builds to me know what brands look good?
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yeah, tall (6 foot three), skinny, neck ~15 1/2.

other brands (polo in particular, are far to wide in the torso and usualy shorter.
I'm also not a fan of very tapered sleeves, I prefer tight ones that come closer to your armpit.

I shouldadd to this by saying that I decided I liked the fit of BR better a few years ago and haven't tried the brand that didn't work in years, so if their cuts have changed I haven't noticed.
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Balenciaga makes some really slim sweaters. I have a camel hair one that I love. I'd definetly check those out if they're in your price range...
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Cool I'll check it, Camel hair is too itchy for me in anything crew necked.

It may be crap quailty wise but BR's silk-cashmire blend is very nice.
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