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I am not sure if my DirecTV DVR messed up or not but the first episode was just one hour long right? And they only got through 2 groups (out of 3)? Is it safe to assume that next week they'll do the final group and then leave some room for something else?

On a related note, I like following this site from Chicago called The Chicago Reader, mostly for their food and drinks section. They have a cool ongoing feature called "Key Ingredient" where Chicago chefs challenge each other to make a dish with a difficult ingredient (think rabbit lung). Once the chef completes the challenge, he/she gets to pick the next chef and ingredient. The most recent one is Beverly Kim. I really liked her so I googled her name and found out she's a contestant on Top Chef: Teaxs!

Chicago Reader: Beverly Kim
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post

The private chef angle and the cockiness reminded me of mgm...

But mgm = that smarmy college kid from Master Chef!
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i don't know ... caught up with it on dvr last night. the show has really evolved from early years where it was a mix of "who's that" professionals and fairly talented amateurs to this year where there appears to be really strong top-to-bottom talent. i know this is a progression ... there were really good cooks last year, too, but more dross, it seemed. Still, it remains to be seen whether that makes for entertaining television. could be more like one of those horrible "chefs tables" where some people think it's a privilege just to be in the kitchen.

I find it curious that although the talent level has increased each season, the winners haven't been progressively more impressive. Although I suppose I've never actually eaten at any of the winner's restaurants with the exception of Harold.
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I think college-aged is a more apt description.
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kevin and hosea stand out in my mind as two very weak winners.

this weeks episode was interesting. did anyone notice the judges disagreeing about a decision? i thought it was great how they eliminated that guy after shitty butchering
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The weakest Top Chef winners in my opinion were: Ilan, Harold, and Hosea.

Have any of the winners, other than Blais, Voltagio, and Izard done anything significant with their careers after the show? I know some of them have restaurants but since I hear pretty much nothing about them, i am guessing their joints are pretty mediocre?
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I wouldn't categorize Harold Dieterle's Perilla as mediocre--I think it's a pretty good little West Village place. Haven't been to Kin Shop, but it generated a good bit of buzz when it opened.

Ilan and Hosea are worthless.

Oh, and isn't Hung opening up a place somewhere?
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ilan's place in la is ... interesting. good nights and bad. always very weird.
i'm not exactly sure what "success" means in these terms. write-ups? or the old-fashioned thing of running a good, solid, profitable restaurant and pleasing your customers.
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I'd somehow forgotten that Ilan runs a place in L.A. I'll take back my "worthless" assessment and reserve judgment for now.

Just checked out the menu for The Gorbals. I wish he had ended up cooking at a straight up Spanish food. It's been a long time since I lived in L.A., but there weren't too many notable Spanish/tapas places when I was there. Cobras & Matadors was the hotspot (does that date me?), but I never actually tried it.
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Seems to me like Hosea is in a class by himself as weakest winner. Hung was awesome.
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I would expect to have heard from or about Hung by now. I feel like next to Voltagio, he was the strongest chef. That guy was a real joy to watch. Cocky, yes, but can't doubt his talent. I wish he would just open something up already.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

OK, she's not thin but she cooked a good dish. Never trust a skinny cook, as they say.

Your cooking looks very good.
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I wrote a post before, but Hung just opened a huge seafood-based place in meatpacking called Catch, and its pretty awesome for a just opened place.
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I recently saw Fabio on a Domino's Pizza commercial. 


Yeah, it's always hard to pick out the interesting characters during the first episode or so. At first impression, I like the seafood guy from South Carolina (?). The sous chef sort of reminds me of Marcel. He could be surprising. 

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Chicago represented very well. Granted, two of them are douchebags from moto, but still good stuff.
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I recently saw Fabio on a Domino's Pizza commercial. 

Yeah, he's whoring himself out to shill "artisan" pizzas. I still can't help liking him though.
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