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Yes, very light a bit fluffy and IIRC ever so slightly sweet. It probably only hinted pancakes, but I only ate in the restaurant I'm talking about once. A real tourist trap I was told by the owner of our hostel, but a good one, imo. With a number system to handle the line outside of what looked like just Italians besides us. Don't know about them being locals, though.
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As soon as you said the number thing I knew you had been to Da Michele.  It's great pizza, and always full of both Neapolitans and Italians as well as tourists.  You can get pizza just as good at other joints but this claims to be the first.  Is there a pizza forum?!

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Here? No. But there are several recipe and cooking threads.
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I was kidding- since we started talking about boiled eggs!

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Originally Posted by CDFS View Post

Very close to what I (approximately) had in Naples.

Tasted a bit like pancakes.

My local pizza shop that I really like turns out Neapolitan pizzas like this using tipo 00 and some aged Okinawan salt, they taste great and he's begun doing a different pizza of the month - last month was bismarck and then he did a little run of black truffle pizza around Christmas (not very generous with the truffles but it still smelled nice) so I had him put the egg on there too:

I asked him before, 'ever been to Italy?' and he says 'nah, never been.' haha.

I have heard of cooking eggs in a pressure cooker; from what I saw you could make those ajitsuke tamago marinated eggs for ramen very easily this way.
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I haven't had ajitsuke tamago in a few years now- I loved those babies in my ramen after a hard night out!  Nothing cure a hangover better than ramen.  We haven't experimented with making them at home yet- I'll have to ask my wife to make some.  (My wife is Japanese and I met her when I lived in Yokohama for 3 years.)


With the price of black truffles I can see why he was a little stingy- but those pies look great! 

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My old method: put eggs in pot, put in cold tap, turn on high and as soon as the water comes to a rolling boil start timer for 10 minutes, then remove. I've found that's the perfect timing, yolk is completely cooked but not overcooked (greyish) at all.

New method (from Lifehacker): Put eggs on muffin tray,put in 325 degree pre-heated oven for exactly 30 minutes. Seriously boiling eggs in the oven is badass. It cooks most of the sulfur smell out of them, and they have a very nice, almost smoky taste. Delicious.

Like Matt, I dislike egg whites, but my trick is to be sure to get some yolk with every bite, although that's not really a trick, just eating.

edit: Muffin tray isn't necessary, you can put them directly on the rack, I'm just paranoid about spills.
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5 minutes is enough to boil an egg. after that put the egg in a warm water.

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