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dude looks like he may have some sort of acquired immune deficiency.
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I lost it when I saw that hat. Is that real or photoshopped I can't tell it's just too ridiculous
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A local paper started doing some street style crap. I don't think these are as bad as most of what's posted here, but judge for yourself.

"It made my day that you stopped me. I'm working to become a stylist."

"I put this on this morning and thought, I wonder how many people will say 'Canadian Jumpsuit' to me today."

"How would you describe your style?"

"Whatever's clean."

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Those are all terrible and/or uninspiring (i.e lame). Fits damn well here.

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A sea change over at City of Gentlemen? Hopefully he doesn't stray too far from "bold colors and classic styling."


Fitted sweats and anti-fit tops--this is a huge departure from my usual of bold colors and classic styling.  I've recently been inspired by European street trend, Alexander Wang, and as much as I hate to admit it--Kanye's black on black styling by Givenchy.

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lol "as much as I hate to admit it" what a fucking douche
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Lol "anti-fit tops"
Outfit doesn't really qualify as worst though imo
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It was still really bad.
Those sweats were like skin tight, there was no "anti-fit" in his fit whatsoever.
And those high tops are god awful
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booty of gentlemen
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Look at that sweet ass.

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The thing about this picture is that you can't even tell what's a joke outfit and what's a serious outfit with this gentleman.

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So which is it
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I would`ve gone with it being a joke but then I noticed the NB sneakers. That`s a real (awful) fit, 



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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what's classic about his usual styling?

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