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Their board tried to hide 1 billion in losses

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I saw that:
F*ck Law, I'm too creative to let my talents go to waste so easily...

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The "Bounty Tissue as Pocket Square" is amazing
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

The "Bounty Tissue as Pocket Square" is amazing

20 years ago I used a 3x5 notecard. Comes w/ "pinstripes". Reversible too.
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

The "Bounty Tissue as Pocket Square" is amazing

holy fuck

On me: White V-Neck T by Hanes, Vintage navy pinstripe waistcoat, Gray herringbone blazer by H&M,Side adjusting gray pinstripe chinos by Express, Vintage Bass Weejuns, Bounty tissue as "pocket square", watch by American Eagle Outfitters.
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I'm gonna steal that toilet paper as pocket square idea and see if anyone notices/says anything.

More UA:
A necklace is a great accessory to add because it contributes to your casualty
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I have a used Bounty tissue that I think I'll send him as a gift.

Add these guys to the list:
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"It’s one thing to know how to mix and match suits, ties and with whatever you have, but I love to constantly switch my outfits constantly from all sorts of influences."

Constantly. nod[1].gif
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I love this thread biggrin.gif
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I find guys reblogging questionable pics all the time, especially;
1) Wrists with a ton of bracelets (since when is more better?)
2) DIY pocket squares that look like craft projects gone wrong
3) ugly socks that clash with the rest of the outfit (and they say"Hey it's sprezz". I say "WTF"?)
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Many have told me the shirt really clashes with the pants color; I was going for a preppy, northeastern look today. I feel this would have been perfect with a Rolex Submariner-style watch, but I had to leave that little detail out.

I got these pants at Marshall’s yesterday; they’re Dockers and I believe they’re either the Alpha, K1 or D0 fit because they’re much slimmer than the D1 “slim fit” pants I have from them. They’re way too summery for late October in mid-Missouri, but I thought I’d squeeze in at least one wearing before next April as I was excited about having bought them and the temperature was still in the mid-60s.

These are a color that most men - even the style-inclined - would never touch, and for good reason. The color is absurd and eye-catching. There is a reason the men’s style community has collectively decided on dark denim, charcoal and navy as the go-to, acceptable colors for pants. These are hard to wear and I obviously don’t really know what I’m going to do with them yet, but it’s nice to have something different, fun and casual to wear when I’m in the mood. They’re pretty much a perfect fit, too.

What is this I don't even
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lol great thread teger icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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The more you know about your clothes, the better, I think. There are many quotes of style advice floating around online that all lament the fact that some in the men’s style community know volumes about brands and construction and all that - all the technical details - but don’t know the history and purpose of their clothes. I would have worn my corduroy pants all summer had my mom not let me know that corduroy is a winter fabric, which seems like common sense now. It’s a warm, rough fabric that seems more suited to cooler months.

Blogs about men's style.

Still has mom to tell him how to dress. lol
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