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   It would be very difficult to teach a client the many rules, suggestions and details of style/fashion, and while you can teach people basic stuff and give them some base items and outfits, there's a lot more to learn. Admittedly that AlphaM guy fails here because he takes random guys for one trip, buys them stuff and puts some outfits together, and when they get home those guys are probably going to revert to what they feel comfortable in, or they won't know how to coordinate the stuff they got. He films it, gets sponsored, his sponsors get advertised and the guys seemingly get helped.
 The big magazines and sites like GQ or Esquire or Ask Men do this the most, promoting styles and items as "The hottest stuff you have to have right now!", etc because of the brand new sponsorship they got from some company.Sure there's tons of smaller blogs that do this too, but there's lots of blogs putting out good stuff that's helpful to noobs like me and others, and sure, they advertise or have affiliates but IMO it doesn't feel pushy or profit-centered.
Dappered has something about this:

It is. That's why money is charged. Also, that's a reason there are lengthy free articles on the website.

It seems with almost all blogs and completely free sources, people are kept dependent and never get all the way to very knowledgeable about style themselves. Also, because 'noobs' often can't tell good from bad, this thread does a public service, even if it's mean at times. A good forum is maybe the one free source where, occasionally and after a long time of active usage (plus probably some mistake purchases), a person can become almost a style expert.
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Dude, your website is possibly the worst I've seen all year, it looks like something from the late 90's.
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Glad to report that City of Gentlemen is still going strong.
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Will check this when I get home. As for Alpha M, I sub to his youtube channel. He does post alot of decent material that I don't mind.

I wouldn't pay for his service though, where he takes a client and does a make over.
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