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The Terrible Fashion Blog Thread

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ITT we make fun of how shitty most men's fashion blogs are.

Here's this gem from Unabashedly Prep:
It is with that excitement that I'm introducing this red gingham button down I designed for Jack Robie. Co-founder, Brad Corona and I first threw around the idea last spring while on location in Nantucket photographing their summer campaign. Not only did I want to introduce a red gingham sport shirt to their existing offering, more importantly, I wanted to design it for myself. Keeping the signature Jack Robie fit throughout the body, I added a left chest pocket, employed side pleats along the yoke (a master tailor once riffed to me on the box pleat's functional shortcomings)—a move which prompted the vertical orientation of the locker loop peeking out from under the collar—and a button down collar (a choice inspired by my habitual use of collar pins on my button down collars when wearing tie). The limited run of shirts are made of 100% narrow-loomed Japanese cotton and cut and sewn right here in the U.S.A.

"My shirt has a pocket! I'm a designer!"
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I did all this on my last Modern Tailor order. What a joke.
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But did you come up with the idea while in Nantucket??
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Oh, this makes me so happy.

UrbanAesthetics blows me away. Are blogs like this really getting that much attention or is it a carefully crafted illusion?
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Why is Unabashedly Prep employing side pleats when there are millions of jobless workers across America who would give anything to leave unemployment behind? This is another trick of the 1%, giving our jobs to inanimate objects. Outrage!
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- My own father was in the army of the Dominican Republic during the post-Trujillo Era as well as a cousin of mine who served in Iraq for four years.

can't be too hard on the guy, his father was also his cousin
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Originally Posted by NefariousSabatour View Post

"Polo Ralph Lauren changed my life."

So good.
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thestyleblogger, obv
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But thestyleblogger was named America's Best Dressed Real Man by none other than Esquire, which has its finger on the pulse of American style! foo.gif

Oh, and I'd like to add A Continuous Lean and that other blog, what's it called, How To Rufie Unsuspecting Girls at Parties?
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Originally Posted by NefariousSabatour View Post

I remember when this guy was spamming his website around here but I never visited it until now. My God I've never seen so much terrible writing. Please tell me he isn't popular. facepalm.gif
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^Realized I've never checked his blog so I had a look, only to see him using the anniversary of 9/11 as a pretense for a shitty fit pic. I could have done without the trite pap as well, though it was amusing to see him say "September 11th will forever hold a special place in our mind, soul and body." I don't know what part of his body holds a special place for 9/11, but I can guess.
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Finding a terrible blog is like spinning a globe and pointing to a place with your finger.
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- It took me about a year to really sell all of my high school gear and grow an appropriate collection of classics as well as trends, but throughout that transition, I had to mix the two and make it work with the right attitude.Work with what you have, work harder to get what you want, and work even harder to get the things you know you deserve...

i harvest my clothing twice a year
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If I was on a naming committee at Cadillac I’d suggest adding the word “merging” to the moniker for the Detroit car maker’s high performance CTS-V sport wagon. You know, CTS-V Wagon Merging Edition; because all you want to do when you drive it is get on the highway and merge. Another possible name could be the CTS-V Wagon Darth Vader Edition.

Love the stealth inspired styling or hate it, you can’t help but to have near-blackout inducing amounts of fun driving one of these machines.

The 2012 CTS-V Wagon has a modest 6.2L supercharged V8 power plant. Wonderfully, Cadillac even offers it with a manual six speed transmission for about as much torque as I have ever experienced in a car. Just talking numbers, it has 556 horsepower and performance stats (0-60 in 4 seconds) that rival that of a BMW M5 (and for thousands of dollars less). Like I said earlier, like the angular styling or not, you can’t help but to want to drive this car — at least for a weekend.

a continuos lean - fashion blog
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