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HK Tailors:Linda Chow

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I found very few references to her on Google, yet she says she carries the top marks of fabrics, and doesn't send the clothes out to be done-

With over 30 years in the clothing business, Linda has built up a large clientele over the years. Many of them have become old friends and come back for repeat orders. Linda has been in charge of the Tailoring business of Johnson & Co. and now she has successfully established her own company to better serve you. In addition, our specialties include serving the military and servicing exclusive clients from Hong Kong's top five-star hotels. We carry the finest English materials from Holland & Sherry, Dormueil, Scabal, and Fintex of London. From Italy we carry Cerruti, Ermenegildo Zenga, and Loro Piana. Personalized service and attention is given to every customer. Linda does the measuring herself to produce the best and most comfortable fitting clothes from her exclusive team of tailors. All clothing is hand-made in Hong Kong by well established tailors. We do not send our work out of the country nor employ lower standard tailors to handle our work.

She also tours the US.

Any reports about her work? Is she any good? Expensive?
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sorry i have never heard of them!
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I googled, too. Price seems comparable to Chan (one guy paid $1500 for a suit made of Loro Piana with an extra pair of pants, $80 to $200 for a shirt). Many testimonials, none of which reveal any knowledge of tailoring. A testimonial that mentions canvassing, handwork, buttonholes and the like tells a lot. A testimonial that just says "great suit" tells you nothing, because all of the guy's other suits may be from Men's Wearhouse. In pictures of her she is wearing 1) polo shirt , 2) what appears to be a cheap polar fleece pullover, and 3) baggy casual shirt with no pattern matching at the shoulder. I say beware of tailors who are not passionate about clothes.

For those prices, I would go to Chan. If you want to spend less, go to Jantzen. Luk-Cha seems to have lot of insider information about places to get things made in HK, you could ask him about other possibilities.
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I've got an appointment with WW Chan in two weeks time. I was looking for a different tailor (not one of the big three) for a second suit. But if Linda Chan is as expensive as Chan, but without his reputation, I think I'll pass. Luk-cha, do you have any comments about Gordon Yao? I was considering Y William Yu, but I have read some mixed things about him, especially his HK store. I'd prefer a tailor in TST where I'll be staying, as I'm on a fairly tight schedule and will have to get all the fittings into 4 or 5 days (Chan is ok with that.) Thanks
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one thing i have found with with hk tailor's is they are inconsistant! but you do generally get what you pay for! any of the tailors in the 4-5 star hotels will do a good jog but they price will be a bit higher than the indian pakistani tailors in TST. the biggest issue is most dont have a house stle so this can make things hard esp if you are a first time commissioner.

i have heard good things about about jimmy chen in the pininsular and also peter so in the intercon but i have never had anything made with them.

basically in HK you have too styles of tailoring cantonese machine canvassed, shanghainese with should be hand canvassed.
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I have never heard of her, but I confirm what others have advised to you: go with what's recommended and known. I have used three different tailors in HK and you get what you pay for. Just got my first suit from W.W. Chan and had an awesome experience. I am VERY picky. Picked up my suit on the third fitting, I can't be more pleased. At the same time, got some simple trousers made from a non-recommended TST Indian tailor. After three fittings, trousers still do not fit properly.
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Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you that the shop was move to the new address

Room 1101, 11/F
Universal Commercial Bldg,
69 Peking Road, TST

Detail please see the
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Could you please post some pics of your work?

Many thanks!
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