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I got there! But I did just push the button on another shirt from MT a couple of hours ago. I'm terrible!
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I can report that I did not go over my allowance. I would have but I ended up purchasing and returning a few items. Thus the money never left my account, if not for a few days.

I have, however, channeled my lack of spending into buying gifts for others. I think I have spent easily twice as much on gifts for friends and family this year as I have any other year. So MoL, in addition to doing God's work by keeping me restrained, you also made a very merry Christmas for a lot of other people.

No way I will be able to do January. I'm going to use and abuse these after Xmas sales.
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I spent nothing on shopping and i am making all my christmas gifts this year from what i already have! Hopefully, i can keep January clean as well 

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not a penny spent.
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Hardly anything spent until this week.... A new coat and new cashmere jumper.
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We ended the challenge on december 15th guys but kudos to those who are going to the end of the year!

I have been so busy and distracted that I haven't had a chance to tabulate a final scorecard as yet but I will...I will.
We'll re-convene in January for a 'January-February' monster challenge to people will have 2 months to recover over Christmas spending.

Merry Christmas to all, and I hope you all got through it ok.
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I worrIed about holes in my wardrobe before holes in my stack of cheddar. Needed and fun, but it's come to a close.
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P. Bateman
This is LAST YEARS club thread.

For the 2012 version, go here:

This is the 2011 club thread and is now CLOSED. smile.gif
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