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We are doing the club to mid-December only smile.gif
Thank you RSS for the video link. Much appreciated.
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Well this is the smallest group this year. How did everyone get through the weekend?

All good here. I'm finding that avoiding thrift stores and online window shopping has been very helpful.
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Bought the flannels I needed. Set me back right around $100 (as predicted). They were RLPL and originally $450, however, so I sleep well at night. Either way focused and back on track. Trying to go through the first of the year.
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Emergency: Needed to buy a new pair of jeans, an old pair I had got distressed(ripped) although they may still be suitable for SW&D type fits, cost was 120 yuan, think that's about 16 or 17 bucks(USD).
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I've been conditioning all of my leather lately. It is just taking forever....every belt, every shoe, boot, bag, glove, wallet, billfold, briefcase, jacket and coat.
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November 13 spent on clothing related items ...$$00. biggrin.gif
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I am still standing strong
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I am still lotioning leather....and running our of lotion...oops.
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Dropped $27 on a burgundy knit tie frown.gif
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still on the wagon here. thinking about what might need some extra care this time around. I have nothing that isn't part of the normal maintenance cycle. I am thinking about learning to darn some old smart wool hiking socks. I have more than enough pairs. Just might be nice to learn something new. I do get the feeling this will be a one and only time sort of thing for me however.
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25 years of madness...this is what happens when things get out of control....

467 questions on would take too long to type. As I stated in an earlier post, this is what happens when things get out of control....these photos show about half of my wardrobe. I am a sick man. Don't let this happen to you unless you have a stately mansion to store it all (which I don't). It takes me 3 days just to lotion my shoes. This is why I run the No Purchase help other souls stop themselves from commiting this insanity.

Hope you guys are holding strong on this challenge.
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I bet you could give away half of this stuff and not even notice
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Originally Posted by aj_del View Post

I bet you could give away half of this stuff and not even notice

Or I could sell half of this stuff and buy more. smile.gif
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Is that some kind of shoe fetish?
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

For November 01, 2011
Here now is the
We begin the challenge on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 01, 2011 (inclusive)

Sign-ups begin immediately!
For anyone new to this challenge, the purpose of this club is to assist you, through solidarity with other weak souls, to save your money and wean you off the addiction to frivilous spending.
This is your LAST CHANCE to SAVE some money before Christmas!
1) You agree, first with yourself, and secondly before all of humanity, that you will spend not one cent on clothes or clothing-related items or accessories for yourself from Tuesday November 01, 2011 until 23:59:59 Thursday December 15, 2011 (inclusive)
2) You will perform maintenance on the wardrobe you already have (iron shirts, sew buttons, clean & polish shoes, lotioning leather goods, etc) to keep your things in good working order.
3) You will immediately and truthfully report any and all spending not provided for in the rules, listing the item(s) purchased and amount spent ($$).
4) Should you weaken and spend, after reporting it on this thread, you must continue to the end of the challenge period. No quitting!
5) On the last day of the challenge, you will report in one last time before the deadline of 23:59:59 hrs Thursday December 15, 2011. If you have spent nothing, you must report in and confirm. This allows me to make a final scorecard. Anyone who has not reported in, even though they have not spent, will not have fulfilled the agreement and will therefore be listed as M.I.A. (Missing In Action) but will not be credited with having successfully completed the challenge.
Exceptions and Emergency Fund (please read carefully)
A) First time Members - $100 allowance for emergencies only
B) Successful Members of the October 2011 NPC - Up to $200 allowance for whatever you like (a small reward for your fidelity last month)
C) Failed members of the October 2011 NPC - $0 ...that's right...nothing. No mercy. You blew it last month and you need to buckle down. smile.gif
F.A.A.Q. (Frequently Asked or Anticipated Questions)
Gentlemen, each and every one of you is encouraged to join and I do mean everyone!
For those of you who are not yet members of Styleforum, you are encouraged to take a few minutes and sign up. become a member today and play with us!
Now.....are you ready?......
Christmas is coming and it's not too late to start saving!
Who is in?! Who dares to save? Who is with me?! ARRRRRGH>>> smile.gifbiggrin.gif:icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifhappy.gifshog[1].giffoo.gifnod[1].gifsatisfied.gif

My no purchase will be gifts for eveyone else but I'll still buy something for myselflol8[1].gif


Gift giving is actually stupid. Everyone should just buy their own gifts and then just show them to each other, that would be more enjoyable than opening crap you don't want and pretending you like it  haha


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