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For November 01, 2011

Here now is the

We begin the challenge on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 01, 2011 (inclusive)

Sign-ups begin immediately!

For anyone new to this challenge, the purpose of this club is to assist you, through solidarity with other weak souls, to save your money and wean you off the addiction to frivilous spending.
This is your LAST CHANCE to SAVE some money before Christmas!


1) You agree, first with yourself, and secondly before all of humanity, that you will spend not one cent on clothes or clothing-related items or accessories for yourself from Tuesday November 01, 2011 until 23:59:59 Thursday December 15, 2011 (inclusive)

2) You will perform maintenance on the wardrobe you already have (iron shirts, sew buttons, clean & polish shoes, lotioning leather goods, etc) to keep your things in good working order.

3) You will immediately and truthfully report any and all spending not provided for in the rules, listing the item(s) purchased and amount spent ($$).

4) Should you weaken and spend, after reporting it on this thread, you must continue to the end of the challenge period. No quitting!

5) On the last day of the challenge, you will report in one last time before the deadline of 23:59:59 hrs Thursday December 15, 2011. If you have spent nothing, you must report in and confirm. This allows me to make a final scorecard. Anyone who has not reported in, even though they have not spent, will not have fulfilled the agreement and will therefore be listed as M.I.A. (Missing In Action) but will not be credited with having successfully completed the challenge.

Exceptions and Emergency Fund (please read carefully)

A) First time Members - $100 allowance for emergencies only

B) Successful Members of the October 2011 NPC - Up to $200 allowance for whatever you like (a small reward for your fidelity last month)

C) Failed members of the October 2011 NPC - $0 ...that's right...nothing. No mercy. You blew it last month and you need to buckle down. smile.gif

F.A.A.Q. (Frequently Asked or Anticipated Questions)
Q. I have store coupons (raincheck, etc) that will expire this month. Can I please just use them up?
A: No. Give them to someone else to enjoy (even if it is a coupon for a free store gift). You are to spend/acquire nothing for yourself.

Q: I have a credit note from a previous purchase that will expire this month. Can I just use it up? or I will lose it.
A: Use it, but if you have to go over what the credit note provides for, someone else (wife, etc) has to cover the balance without reimbursment.

Q: My pants/shirt/tie/jacket/coat/underwear/codpiece, etc ripped or was irrepairably stained/damaged. May I jreplace it? It's an emergency!
A: Only if it is the only one you own. If you own even one other, then no.

Q: If I sell some of my clothes/shoes/etc. can I just use only that money to buy something new? After all, it's not like I am really spending.
A: No you may not. Sell what you like and save that money.

Q: May I use my Emergency fund on alterations?
A: If it is a true emergency and you are eligible (see Exceptions and Emergency Fund), yes.
A: If someone else agrees to cover the cost without being reimbursed.

Q: I didn't officially sign up last month but did play along. Am I not also entitled to a $200 allowance?
A: You are not. Only those who signed up last month and successfully completed the challenge are eligible.

Q: Some people didn't ring in last month and were credited with successful completion. How do we know they completed siccessfully?
A: As we are on the honour system, there is no way to know for sure if anyone has been successful or not. If someone has deceived the group, then they have only deceived themselves. Do not be concerned of this. Stay focused on your challenge and goals.

Q: May I buy clothing-related books or magazines?
A: Yes, if the book is helping you develop an appropriate wardrobe with respect to your lifestyle and income level. If for 'eye candy', try to avoid.

Q: There is something I really want to buy that is rare. Now it is within my grasp. I can't miss this opportunity. Please may I purchase it?
A: Exceeding NPC allowances would mean you failed the challenge. The core ideology of the NPC challenge is to resist temptation. It is your decision.

Q: My dog chewed my interview shoes. May I replace them if I promise not to buy doggie treats equalling the cost of the new shoes?
A: If they were your only dress shoes, yes. If you own even one other pair of black dress shoes, no.

Q: Can someone else make a purchase on my behalf?
A: Sure! You may receive all the gifts you like

Q: This club and rules are too hard! Who can possibly do this? I am ready to give up just reading all of this!
A: Look at all you own. Consider what once excited you. How much of it still excites you? Think of the money you could have saved for better things. Think now of the money you can still save. The better your sartorial skills, the less you would need. Take this opportunity to master how to dress appropriately to your environment and lifestyle. This club can help wean you off impulse spending. To try and fail is better than not to try at all.

Q: This club is only for rich people who can afford to not buy clothes. What about us poor folk?
A: Not true. A penny saved is a penny earned. Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves.

Q: There is no hope for me. I've tried this before and it didn't work. Why even bother?!
A: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! smile.gif

Gentlemen, each and every one of you is encouraged to join and I do mean everyone!
For those of you who are not yet members of Styleforum, you are encouraged to take a few minutes and sign up. become a member today and play with us!
Now.....are you ready?......
Christmas is coming and it's not too late to start saving!
Who is in?! Who dares to save? Who is with me?! ARRRRRGH>>> smile.gifbiggrin.gif:icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifhappy.gifshog[1].giffoo.gifnod[1].gifsatisfied.gif
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i'm in!
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Count me in, I need to purchase some socks tomorrow and maybe a shirt or three. Apart from that should be OK. Christmas doesn't really happen here. What's the emergency budget allowed, two sheep and a goat?
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I am in. I want to save some $$ for boxing day specials !
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Just bought my chukkas last week. Only other thing I am in the hunt for is a new pair of gray flannels, but I have vowed to stay under $100 for those anyway. I'm in.
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I am in. After the farce for October. I need to buckle down and save those pennies.
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After last month's performance, my only hope is to succeed over the next NPC. I'm in.
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MoL, I'm in...need to start saving for wifey's appreciation items
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I'm in. Massive fail last month (not unexpected), so I will give it a go again for Nov.
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after the epic fail for me last month. I am in. Gonna be a long ride this one...

MOL, Glad to see ya back at the keyboard. Hope you are feeling better.
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Thank you Valhson, I am almost recovered.
I hope we get a good turnout for this 6 week run. We are starting immediately so lets all get signed up a.s.a.p. smile.gif
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I have too many planned purchases to join in, but after these, I will definitely be in for the next one. Godspeed to all participants. Man of Lint, you are doing honorable work here. Participation in the Sept NPC was great for me.
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how can this happen at christmas time?!! dont you people have presents to buy?

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Decided a bespoke face would be more useful than bespoke shoes, so I'm in.
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I'll bite. My first attempt in the NO PURCHASE CLUB! Wish me luck, guys.
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