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Reception outfit

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I was invited to a wedding reception for next Sunday and am realtively sure about what I will be wearing but I am starting to have second thoughts on whether the outfit will clash. I plan to wear a pair of light gray flat front pants with a thin black button down shirt and a creme colored tie with loafers. Will the tie clash with pants?
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I don't think a cream tie clashes with light grey pants, unless the grey is extremely light. The outfit does sound a bit monochromatic and sombre for something as festive as a wedding reception, though. So, you might consider using your tie as a way of adding some color to your ensemble. (I'm assuming the loafers will be black.)
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Yes, I was also hoping black loafers, right? And how cream is the tie? Is it barely an off-white. Or is it more noticeable. It should be fine either way. pstoller makes a good point about festivity.
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