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More samples are up...
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Any thoughts on shorts? With blistering heat and humidity in florida only a month or two away, i was just curious. APC seemed to finally find a decent design for shorts that would work with summer wear/boat shoes. I'd much rather buy from you considering it's something i'd like to buy eventually. Just wondering your thoughts on the subject. Still pysched to see if you end up coming out with a nice pair of lightweight slim pants or cargo pants.
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Some nice long white with blue or black pinstripe shorts let's do it Mike.
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You and those white bermuda shorts, Jet. How dare you try to sully the good name of MJK.
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I just clicked on the link to this thread from and it came here with no scrollbar. Not sure what the problem is but it was a bit odd.
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Shorts wise, we probably do prefer bermuda type shorts or 3/4 length for guys, if we have shorts at all. We don't think that people really want to see a guy's hairy legs. I think Rafael Nadal is making capri pants acceptable for guys

I just tried the link from my homepage and it worked fine for me...
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Hopefully it's bermuda or both, because as much as i don't really care what others think of me, i don't think i want to venture into 3/4 legnth territory. I guess i'm just not that comfortable yet. I need to watch more tenis
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Though, they are probably not our best piece, we(Colby and I) both liked those brother joseph shorts on our website...
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It's hard to tell how they look with the cropping done on the picture. How much do they run and also, what are some of the prices on the women's pieces so i could possibly let my girlfriend look at stuff. I never actually noticed there was women's pieces until now.
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We will probably make those shorts a little wider. They are probably a little too slim. You are looking at around $60-$70 most likely...

About the only thing that we are offering in the women's are the skirts, and only in linen. The skirts are $105 and are offered in the same linen colors as the jacket...

When I post the latest batch of samples, I will be posting up a few women's jackets. They are a slim size 4...

I'm sorry guys for not getting up some new stuff by now, but are just about done catching up on all the orders. I think we can get a new thing or two up by next week...
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I don't really know my measurements. I am a small in AA, what would be the best for a rather tight fit in Krell?

When spring and my tax returns money come I might very well buy a hoodie and or a rider jacket and a henley. You have some great stuff there!
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My only experience with AA is that I prefer to wear a medium in the baby rib. I can fit into a small, but it is a bit tight. If you are not sure, the best way is to measure your chest with a tape measure. Send me the measurement, and I will tell what size will fit the best...
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michael I sent you an order yesterday, did you get it?
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Yes, I tried to email you, but the email got sent back twice. It said it was a general error. I sent you a private message confirming the order...
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hmm I've been having problems with my email lately. I was concerned that you might not have gotten it. At any rate, thanks for the pm.
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