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Shipment tracking

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I recently purchased a pair of jeans off SuFu suparmarket.
Upon finalizing the deal, I paid promptly and seller says he will ship them out today and update me with tracking.
So I was ok with that, but 24hrs later, i still didnt receive a tracking number from him, so i PMed him again.
I got a reply from him about 20 hrs that I will get shipping number after he gets back home.
Time past, i waited, and i got the tracking number, but the thing is, using USPS website gives me "Delivery Status Information is not available for your item via this website. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local Post Office. "

And even trying EMS tracking site, it says.. "N/A
We could not find this Tracking Number in our system.

tracking number begins with CX and ends with CA eg. ( CXxxxxxxxxxCA), if anyone is familiar with it, please advice. Seller says he is shipping from N.America.

I have purchased through the supermarket a few times, and this is the first time encountering such issues.

So im not too sure if im being paranoid.
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Still not getting a tracking update, pmed seller, he says tracking will only update when it reaches destination country, and another time when its delivered..

Is there really such a delivery with such tracking behavior?
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Express shipping from USA - abroad never starts with CX, it starts with EC. Priority starts with CP, first class with LC.
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yah sorry, its a inter-US shipment.

Im abroad, but seller is sending item to my friend who is in US to send item to me.

So is it normal for this "Express shipping to USA" to have no tracking until it reaches the state of recipient and another time when it is delivered?
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People worry too much about tracking, especially for shipments within the US. When I buy something I never ask for tracking information. Why not? Because I don't give a shit about it unless the item is significantly late, which has been never.

Just relax and check the mail each day.
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well... item havent arrived yet, it was sent to Honolulu instead.
Seller says he have called up the post office to "fix this" and is going to demand a refund and refund me my shipping for my inconvenience.

I'm thinking if this refund will make me lose the ability to do a case in paypal if at the end of the day i get scammed, either from not getting it , or item arrive not as stated.

So tell me, if im thinking too much
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it's been four days. slow your fucking roll.
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