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Shoe problem

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Hey there, I bought a pair of Costume National suede (black) loafers. When I went to wear them the first time, they had a very distinct, strong odor. The leather has a very strange aroma that is VERY STRONG. I had to put them in the garage w/ cedar shoe trees... then, after my parents complained, I had t o put them in the back garage. Its coming from the exterior leather. They are brand new and I love the style. I don't want to take the hit and not wear them. Is there a sealer or deodorizer that would kill this smell. Please advise. Pete
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never heard of a case like this with suede smelling like that...i would make a beeline to the nearest shoe repair shop, to see what they recommend (they might suggest a silicone type waterproofing spray, for instance)
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I must say, I haven't heard of that problem either. The leather for uppers is usually chromium tanned and has no real smell, while the leather smell (which is generally considered pleasant) comes from soles and lining, which should be vegetal tanned. Are there any stains on the shoes? Is it possible that some nasty smelling substance was spilt on the shoes? Leather being porous absorbs smells. Years ago my mother once broke a perfume bottle in a leather-lined handbag. Despite the fact that she had the bag for weeks opened out on the balcony, the smell never went and eventually she got rid of the handbag. If the smell is as offensive as you describe that it stinks a whole garage out, there is probably nothing you can do. If you bought the shoes from a shop, I would return them. Otherwise put them in a shoebox and add a few fragranced sheets (used for tumble drying), you might end up with shoes smelling of lavender.
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Reminds me of Seinfeld's car.
post #5 of 6 least Im not the only one with smelly loafer problems. =] I picked up a nice pair in Barcelona about 8 months ago and had the same issues. Unfortunate for me, I couldn't quite figure out what it was until a bit later. (Picture a blood hound running around looking for an odor.) I can't say its a problem per se because the smell eventually settled. The odor is somewhere in the leather, though I can't exactly determine where. The only thing I've done is just wear them as usual. Like all new shoes, they have a distinct this case it's not very pleasant. I never put much thought into spraying or doing anything to them. I figured that with time I'd be okay. Maybe a shoe repair type place can suggest a spray (the ones they use at bowling alleys?) that might help. Wear them a bit and maybe that should help. Mine have gotten much better. I keep them in a cedar closet when I don't wear them. If you got them for a nice price I wouldn't take them back. The smell might last a bit but I think it's usually while you break them in. Spray them with a clear "sealer" protector for suede, which might seal the pores. Have you been wearing them or just moving them from place to place?
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The first time I wore them, someone asked what that smell was. It's not something spilled. These are brand new, in the box from Costume National in SoHo. I'll try to start wearing them. They are not as bad as they once were. I will also run down to my shoe repair place. Thanks for the advice. Pete
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