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My best advice would be the following: If you want to work in business, figure out for what kind of business (defence, pharma, consumer goods, etc.) and in what role (marketing, supply chain, sales, etc). Now head over to the career website of one of the major players, pick a job function, and look at the job titles and what they require. It will be a much more valuable experience than just asking people about their personal experiences and anecdotal evidence.


This. You will realize the requirements for landing a job in 'business' means a degree in accounting, finance, statistics, actuarial science, or other more quantitative degrees (even economics doesn't really cut it). Yes, there are people in 'business' with qualitative degrees, but they are not the majority. And if you want to work in business, you might as well just major in the subjects companies are looking for.


Maybe you don't like accounting, but take a look at the other degrees I mentioned.