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The deaf guy that just got kicked off was pretty smart. Smarter than the judges. It didn't seem like he was proud of the work he made but he expressed the idea pretty clearly.
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I'm not that far yet.
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The first season was much better, and it wasn't even that good.  These contestants are pretty boring, and their art is more boring.  And I hate anyone that wishes to be called "Sucklord."  

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I liked when the Robbie-look-alike called out Miles for his tortured artist acting and everyone got pissed. Also, they should've been given more time to work on the challenges. Some of the results and their statements about their work was cringeworthy.
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Mordecai: Use the spoiler button next time!! cry.gif

I think the idea is great to be a reality tv-show! I realli enjoyed the first series. And it did get quite good reviews at Meta Critic. It doesn't produce great art but it's interesting as entertainment. IMHO it's much more exciting to see the next artworks than it was seeing a bunch of crappy dresses in Proj Runway looking the same. And the time is an issue as someone said, but hopefully the finalist will be able to use their extended time to do something nice for the finale. Didn't work that well last year but maybe this time around...

It's really funny that Simone de Pury is in it... I've heard that a lot of people don't like him and find Tim Gun much better. Well, I guess you have to know who de Pury is to enjoy his appearance. Am I the only one hoping for a guest apperance by Jeff Koons?

BTW sucklord sucks... And "the stereotypical inclinations of the shitty youthful artists" is just what to expect of a tv-show, especially on Bravo. No? If this went too serious and improved quality no one would watch...
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Tears from two contestants (Sucklord!) and China Chow. Thought for the episode: When Simon de Pury addresses "Sucklord" it sounds as though he is paying tribute.
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Anybody excited about tonight's finale? I think Young's going to win.
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I'm glad Kymia won. Young's (sp?) show was barely about him at all. He just mined the death of his father for all its emotional potential without really applying anything significant to it. I mean, hanging shirts with photos attached?

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I was excited about the finale... but I'm afraid the contestants works of art didn't work for me! They should have been able to make pieces with better quality, not experimenting with new mediums etc. But it seems like the judges wanted them to try new stuff... I really can't see how they could enjoy Kymia's painting with the boat, I hated it! Very predictable and cliché IMHO. You guys liked it?

I did like the cage with the flying paperbirds, but only that piece and not her show all together.

The last season finale contained more exciting artist I think.
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Lola came to the opening on Saturday. She is pretty in person.
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Originally Posted by mordecai View Post

I honestly think it can bridge the gap between art lovers and art h8ers.

I'd like to see her do some art with Lexington Steele, then she will show us what she is truly capable of doing.
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Originally Posted by mordecai View Post

Lola came to the opening on Saturday. She is pretty in person.

I saw her twat on tv once.
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And China Chow siting at the opening of the LA Contemporary fair last night. No eccentric hat. I am disappoint.
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