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Prada tech pants

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I've been hearing a whole lot about these pants and was wondering if anyone had an online link to them. Also I heard that Structure makes a comparable pair.
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The buzz is mostly by shills, probably. If it were real, you wouldn't be hearing it over the internet, you'd be seeing people wear them. And you wouldn't wonder about knock-offs. I wouldn't put it past Prada to machine-sew a pair of trousers out of 0.5-cent/yd. nylon and sell them for Brioni prices, though. Prada has always been a triumph of hype and buzz over quality. The Structure ones are probably no worse quality than the Prada ones, if you must wear such a thing... Peace, JG
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I have to agree with Joe G. about Prada, and Prada Sport, particularly. I've actually seen what's described as tech pants by Prada Sport, and for my money, there are much better looking pants and much better technical wear for much lower prices. I actually don't understand the appeal of the Prada Sport line very much. For true technical clothing, you should go to a store where people are buying the clothing for technical use. The North Face brand makes extremely durable technical stuff, but I like Sierra Designs (a Canadian company), or Lowe Alpine for the better prices and more lightweight pieces (weight is a big factor if you're actually going to bring the stuff on mountains, etc...) I have yet to see anyone hit the slopes, trails, etc.. in Prada Sport gear. In terms of looks, the design of most Prada Sport pieces is unremarkable. Having said that, I'll admit that Prada still uses some of the best stretch materials out there, and that I rather like the cut and feel of Prada mainline and Miu Miu collections.
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That's not true, Prada Sport pants are treated with Teflon and will last a long time. They have a nice cut and the slight stretch makes them very comfortable. I think the price is a major turn off but thats what keeps everyone from wearing it and its possible to buy it on sale for 20-50% off.
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Even though Prada pants may be treated with Teflon, they have nothing on true technical pants that are usually made with Gore-Tex which are more durable and as a bonus are waterproof.  Any of the aforementioned companies such as The North Face, Sierra Designs and Lowe Alpine make quality technical pants suitable for real sport.
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Prada Sport uses a lot of Gore-Tex too but it isn't a technical label. Its just casual sportswear. Miuccia says Prada Sport is the true Prada line. I wouldn't wear it to the gym or play soccer in their trainers but its something you can wear everyday. It might be hard to explain its appeal but I find it futuristic, well-made, comfortable and stylish. Just don't buy the plain t-shirts.
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